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    Even though it's more commonly used on girls, I don't think it's so girly that it can't be used on boys. This is the opposite conversation we're always having about boys' names on girls and how they don't go the other way. I say, buck the trend. This is a name I don't think people would think you're crazy for, even though more girls have it. It's in the 200s range for girls, but it's been in the 600-700 range for boys for the last few years. If you're really in love with it, don't be dissuaded by fears of femininity. It's still used on boys.
    All of this. I'd love to meet a boy named Teagan!
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    I think of it as a girl's name, unfortunately. I didn't even realise it could be considered a unisex name until I started looking at baby name sites. I've known a few Teagans/Tegans, all girls. Not saying that it should necessarily dissuade you, but I do think it's going to confuse some people. Whether he'd get teased for it will probably depend on where you live. I do think Teagan is a great name and I love the meaning, though. What about Tadhg? (Of course, Tadhg does have the difficulty that people won't know how to spell/pronounce it at first.)

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    I wouldn't use Teagan for a boy. I think it's too strongly associated with girls.
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    I think Teagan sounds great for a boy! nn "Tea or T" are also great for a boy. Unisex names are getting very popular. Great choice!

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    I love it for a boy's name. I actually know a little boy named Teagan, but it's spelled, Teegan. I love it, go for it!

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