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    Is Adara a Hebrew name?

    We are looking for a Hebrew name for a girl and we really love Adara or Adarah, but I find different info on it's origin, is it Hebrew or Arabic?
    Thank you!

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    Adara is the feminine form of Adar which is Hebrew. It means noble. It's a very pretty name!

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    It is Hebrew but very uncommon - it feels a little contrived to me somehow. I like Adira (which has the name root) or Atara (which means crown) better. Hadara or Hadar (which means beautiful/special and also refers to citrus) is pretty too.

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    I think that is a gorgeous name!

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    Adara isn't really used as a name, though it would be the feminine of the Jewish month of Adar.

    I'd highly suggest Adira (meaning: noble, strong), or Adina (meaning: sweet, pleasant).

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