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Thread: My list...

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    I love: Sebastian, Bruno, Hugo
    I really like: Oliver, Archer, Hugh, Heath, Alaric
    I like: Walt (prefer Walter, though), Ezekiel (prefer Ezequiel), Jack, Calvin, Gideon
    Upside of neutral: Jacob, Bruce, Thaddeus, Maxwell, Vincent
    Actually totally neutral: Eugene, Court, Jade
    Downside of neutral: Torrin
    Not a fan: Todd, Roscoe, Dashiel

    I love: Gwenyth
    I really like: Louise, Roselind,, Helena, Matilda
    I like: Annika, Summer, Liesl, Miriam
    Meh: Elouise, Lydia, Renne, Genevieve
    Not my cup of tea: Artemis, Casady, Lisette, Gwendolyn, Colette, Cosette, Penelope, Persephone

    Bruno Alaric (impossibly handsome, in my opinion)
    Hugo Sebastian… or Bruno Sebastian
    Archer Ezekiel
    Gideon Heath

    Gwenyth Louise
    Gwenyth Roselind (I love this!!)
    Helena Roselind (LOVE this too!)
    Matilda Summer (so sweet)
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    EDD: 4/14/2018 It's a girl!

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    This is a slightly edited version of your list of what would be great in my opinion. I deleted any I didn't like. Just to warn you: I love cutesy nicknames ending in -ie!
    Dashiell- very handsome
    Torrin- as a middle
    Jacob- yes, but seems overused
    Sebastian- LOVE!
    Oliver- LOVE!
    Court- as a middle
    Archer- like this
    Jack-as a nickname
    Jade- I would put this on a girl
    Thaddeus-ooh, yes!
    Gideon-cool name, not too modern

    Oliver Sebastian (Ollie)
    Gideon Jacob (Eoin)
    Alistair Torrin (Tair)
    Nicobar Court (Nico)
    Dashiell Alaric (Dash, or Aric)
    Thaddeus Calvin (Thad, Tad, Cal... I could go on for hours)

    Annika- nice, but Pippi Longstocking association
    Summer- fresh choice
    Elouise- don't like it with a u, looks too much like Louise
    Helena- as a middle
    Artemis- LOVE
    Lisette- this has charm
    Lyra- Golden Compass associations?
    Renne- I would love to see this on a real girl.
    Genevieve- my number 1 name!
    Penelope- dainty, but down to earth
    Persephone- I like this, but it is a lotta name.

    Annika Lisette (Annie)
    Penelope Renne (Penny)
    Lyra Persephone
    Amabel Summer (Amy)
    Artemis Ilona (Emmy)
    Persephone Jade (Sepha)

    I would adore a sibset of Thaddeus Calvin and Artemis Ilona!
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

    Caspian Bartholomew & Claire Gwendolen

    Currently: Corisande + Icarus + Aurelia + Casimir + Octavia

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    @lucialucentum, I love all of your combos!

    @merrybells, ohmygosh, is Annika Pippi's best friend? I used to watch that show when I was like... four. Or I might be getting it confused with Anne of Green Gables... ha, no clue.

    I definitely like Thaddeus Calvin and Annika Lisette. :)
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Roscoe – 4/10 - It sounds more like a dog’s name to me.
    Dashiel – 2/10 - Meh. Not really my style.
    Torrin – 2/10 - Sounds like it’s from a fantasy book.
    Jacob – 7/10 - Good, but common.
    Eugene – 3/10 - Old man’s name. (But also Flynn Ryder!)
    Walt – 4/10 - Disney.
    Sebastian – 6/10 - Also Disney, but I like it.
    Oliver – 6/10 - I like it!
    Court – 4/10 - Not a fan of word names. Also makes me think of Courtney.
    Ezekiel – 5/10 - Not too bad.
    Archer – 7/10 – I like it.
    Todd – 6/10 – I like it, but I probably wouldn’t use it.
    Jack – 6/10 – Not bad.
    Hugh – 3/10 – Not my style.
    Bruce – 4/10 – Eh. I think of the shark from Finding Nemo.
    Bruno – 4/10 – It’s okay.
    Jade – 3/10 – I like it…for a girl.
    Calvin – 6/10 – Good.
    Hugo – 3/10 – Not a fan.
    Heath – 3/10 – I think of Heath Bars and Heath Ledger.
    Thaddeus – 2/10 – I don’t like it very much.
    Alaric – 2/10 – Same as Torrin.
    Gideon – 2/10 – Mm.
    Maxwell – 7/10 – I like this one.
    Vincent – 7/10 – I like this one as well.

    Favorites: Jacob, Archer, Maxwell, Vincent
    Least Favorites: Torrin, Alaric, Gideon, Dashiel

    Annika – 6/10 – Cute, but I probably wouldn’t use it.
    Summer – 7/10 – I like it!
    Elouise – 6/10 – I like it, but I much prefer the spelling Eloise.
    Louise – 6/10 – Like it.
    Liesl – 3/10 – Not a fan.
    Miriam – 3/10 – Eh…
    Roselind – 4/10 – I like it, but there are other Rose- names I like much more.
    Helena – 3/10 – It’s okay.
    Artemis – 2/10 – I’m not a fan of the Greek names. I don’t know why.
    Casady – 3/10 – Cassidy is MUCH better.
    Lisette – 2/10 – Mm…nah.
    Lyra – 8/10 – I LOVE this one.
    Lydia – 7/10 – Really like this one as well!
    Matilda – 6/10 – Not bad!
    Renne – 7/10 – I like it. It’s also similar to ‘reine’, which is the French word for queen. So I like that reference.
    Lorain – 6/10 – It’s not bad, but I prefer Lorraine.
    Genevieve – 4/10 – It’s a mouthful.
    Gwendolyn – 4/10 – Same.
    Gwenyth – 5/10 – A little better.
    Colette – 6/10 – I like it.
    Cosette – 5/10 – I like it…but less.
    Penelope – 2/10 – Not my style.
    Persephone – 2/10 – Not my style.
    Favorites: Lyra, Lydia, Summer, Renne
    Least Favorites: Persephone, Penelope, Artemis, Liesl

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    South East England
    Out of the boys names I like:
    Roscoe, Jacob, Oliver, Archer, Jack, Calvin, Hugo, Heath, Gideon, and Maxwell.
    Potential combinations:
    Archer Jacob
    Heath Oliver
    Jack Roscoe
    Hugo Gideon
    Maxwell Calvin
    Siblings; I really like Archer Jacob & Heath Oliver as a brothers.

    Out of the girl names my favourites are:
    Annika, Louise, Miriam, Helena, Lyra, Lydia, Matilda, Genevieve, Gwenyth, Colette, Penelope and Persephone.
    Potential combinations:
    Annika Gwenyth
    Lyra Miriam
    Genevieve Helena
    Penelope Colette
    Persephone Lydia
    Siblings; I really like Genevieve Helena and Penelope Colette as sisters. Along with Annika Gwenyth and Lyra Miriam.

    Mixed siblings:
    Hugo Gideon & Persephone Lydia
    Jack Roscoe & Lyra Miriam

    Henry, Anders, Lars, Samuel, Levi, Jameson, Holden & Cary
    Charlotte, Marina, Willow, Clementine, Viola, Florentine & Clara

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