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Thread: My list...

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    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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    Annika Summer
    Summer Lisette
    Miriam Lyra

    Bruno Sebastian

    The reason for most of my spelling weirdness is to be clear on pronunciation. Elouise has a U because it's EL-oo-eez, not EL-oyce. Roselind is ROSE-lind, not ROS-a-lind. Gwenyth is GWEN-ith, not GWIN-eth. Casady is CASS-uh-dee, not CASS-ih-dee. Renne is REN, not REH-nay. The extra letters in Dashiel and Lorain don't really do much, though I do rather like Loraine. And with Walter, well, I just like the nickname, not the full name. Sorry if this comes across as rude, I'm just trying to be clear.

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    I have completed the boys' list, but I'm still going through the girls'. I'll just post the boys' one now and post again when I'm done with the girls'.


    Roscoe- I think this is kewl, and love the nickname Ross.
    Combos: Roscoe Dale, Roscoe Drake, Roscoe Michael, Roscoe Perry, Roscoe Clint
    Siblings: Lincoln, Terrence, Galen, Reed, Dustin, River, Gavin, Dale, Orin, Grace, Saige, Paris, Heather, Marie, Kelly, Sarah, Fiona, Lola, Brooke

    Dashiel- Love this, but prefer the spelling Dashiell.
    Combos: Dashiell Thomas, Dashiell Arthur, Dashiell Mark, Dashiell Andrew, Dashiell Ray, Dashiell Cliff, Dashiell John
    Siblings: Paige, Laura, Amy, Raven, Amber, Cara, Coral, Ashlyn, Maura, Ever, Rowan, Luke, Raurke, Cort, Kohl, Chord, Torin, Brock, Levi, Zaine, Avery, Colt, Rocky

    Torrin- I think you stole this from me. Of course I love it, but I do prefer it with just one 'r', Torin. I actually don't mind the nickname Tori on a guy, either. Interesting fact, I just learned recently that it means "chief" in Irish Gaelic.
    Combos: Torin Gael, Torin Malachai, Torin Asher, Torin Grant, Torin Graham, Torin Carey, Torin Page, Torin Rune
    Siblings: Kai, Aiden, Asher, Merrick, Jasper, Rune, Evander, Lincoln, Greyson, Avery, Emrys, Sebastien, Ryker, Aubriel, Kaia, Maiya, Maybree, Brielle, Alisamber, Brooke, Alyxia, Saoirse, Sienna, Rose, Avalon, Rhiannon, Makenna

    Jacob- Not exactly my tastes, but it's not a bad name.
    Combos: Jacob Marley, Jacob Asher, Jacob Henry, Jacob Jay, Jacob Rain, Jacob Timothy, Jacob Michael, Jacob River
    Siblings: Thomas, Jack(son), Jamie, Jared, Hunter, Garrett, Denver, Austin, Finn, Edward, Edmund, Troy, Michael, Matthew, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Olivia, Sophia, Grace, Faith, Isabel, Dora, Rachel, Rebekkah, Emily, Margaret, Josephine, Jessica

    Eugene- Definitely not my style, but I don't think it's horrible.
    Combos: Eugene Ryker, Eugene Orion, Eugene Archimedes, Eugene Mitchell
    Siblings: Henry, Benjamin, Burton, Leroy, Leonard, Edmund, Alice, Elizabeth, Matilda, Chloris, Althea, Samantha, Georgia

    Walt- I like this more than Walter, but still not a huge fan.
    Combos: Walt Greeley, Walt Leroy, Walt Leo, Walt Griffin, Walt Jadon
    Siblings: Leo, Troy, Michael, Page, Reed, Samuel, David, Vincent, Victor, Evelyn, Kate/Katherine, Hannah, Sara, Susie/Susan, Lucy, Moira

    Sebastian- Love this, but prefer the spelling Sebastien.
    Combos: Sebastien Atreyu, Sebastien George, Sebastien Avery, Sebastien Vincent, Sebastien Garrett, Sebastien Parker
    Siblings: Terrence, Leonardo, Timothy, Benjamin, Joseph, Avery, Tybalt, Richard, Robert, Christian, Claire, Clementine, Rowan, Elizabeth, Hannelore, Liliana, Eleanor, Guinevere, Rhiannon, Everleigh, Leighton

    Oliver- Not really a fan of “Olive” names in general.
    Combos: Oliver Troy, Oliver James, Oliver Kingston, Oliver Jade, Oliver Grant, Oliver Finn
    Siblings: Robert, Jacob, Henry, Harrison, Everett, Elliot, August, Michael, Matthias, Edmund, Leo, Roy, Tobin, Grace, Sophia, Isabella, Katherine, Elizabeth, Lorena, Eleanor, Rose, Fiona, Faye, Georgia, Victoria, Virginia

    Court- I love this on a boy, but I'd spell it Cort. I also like Cortland and Cortlin for a boy, too.
    Combos: Cort Oliver, Cort(land) James, Cort Ever, Cort Evander, Cort Bailey, Cort(land) Quin
    Siblings: Greyson, Quint, Ryker, Finn/Finley/Finnegan, River, Jade, Sage, Rune, Owen, Ewan, Ian, Liam, Will, Riley, Everleigh, Rowan, Rose, Paige, Gemma, Claire, Tara, Faye, Dusk, Lainey, Brie

    Ezekiel- Kinda kewl
    Combos: Ezekiel James, Ezekiel Brahm, Ezekiel Torin, Ezekiel River, Ezekiel John, Ezekiel Graham
    Siblings: Malachai, Asher, Levi, Reuben, Isaiah, Ezra, Joseph, Tobias, Mordecai, Sapphira, Naomi, Ruth, Hadassah, Zipporah, Keziah, Mara, Magdalene, Priscilla, Mary, Rebekkah

    Archer- I like this, although I'm not crazy about the nickname Archie.
    Combos: Archer Tobias, Archer Ames, Archer Timothy, Archer Bay, Archer Graham, Archer Grey, Archer Peyton
    Siblings: Maddox, Parker, Carter, Mason, Hunter, Riley, Evander, Jasper, Griffin, Merrick, Amy, Elowen, Laura, Paisley, Chloe, Athena, Calliope, Violet, Isadora, Meadow, Lyra

    Todd- Not my style, but it's a fine name.
    Combos: Todd Jackson, Todd Hayden, Todd Cooper, Todd Richard, Todd Michael, Todd Rio
    Siblings: Griffin, Robert, Dawson, Max, Trey, Timothy, Troy, Amanda, Cassie, Cara, Tammy, Tara, Faith, Rebecca, Lisa

    Jack- Personally, I prefer Jackson/Jaxon with Jack/Jax as a nickname, but it's ok.
    Combos: Jack Michael, Jack River, Jack Daniel, Jack Hugo, Jack Nicholas, Jack Aidan, Jack William
    Siblings: Joseph, Oliver, Jamie/James/Jameson, Robert, Daniel, Michael, Elliot, Liam, Ian, Kyle, John, Jesse, Henry, Willow, Brooke, Jane, Jessica, Jocelyn, Jana, Jayla, Payton, Elizabeth, Rose, Ella, Emma, Emmy, Amy, Amanda, Eloise, Brenna

    Hugh- Never really understood the appeal of this one.
    Combos: Hugh Louis, Hugh Brooks, Hugh River, Hugh Jameson, Hugh Walter, Hugh Benjamin
    Siblings: Walter, Liam, Jack, Benji, Finn, Nicholas, Allen, Hank, Gloria, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Lucy, Sarah, Hazel, Henrietta

    Bruce- Another one I don't really see the appeal of.
    Combos: Bruce Lee, Bruce Michael, Bruce Kenneth, Bruce Joseph, Bruce Levi, Bruce Patrick
    Siblings: Michael, Aaron, Benjamin, Walter, Franklin, Jack, Chelsea, Lauren, Vivian, Patricia, Matilda, Ashley, Jacqui

    Bruno- I don't like this one at all. It just makes me think of a big, mean bulldog, sorry.
    Combos: Bruno Lars, Bruno Mitch, Bruno Lake, Bruno Tripp
    Siblings: Rex, Samson, Dale, Steven, Owen, Benji, Robin, Lily, Daisy, Molly, Anna, Lucy, Susan

    Jade- I think this is kewl for both genders and I definitely prefer this spelling if you're going to use it on a boy. Personally, I like Jaide or Jayde for a girl.
    Combos: Jade Avery, Jade Marcel, Jade Arthur, Jade Michael, Jade Raphael, Jade Parker, Jade Peter, Jade Evander, Jade Collin, Jade Robert
    Siblings: Sage, Jasper, Micah, Onyx, Jett, Rowan, Rune, Grey, Ocean, Page, Silver, Garnet, Ruby, Pearl, Heather, Opal, Amber, Coral, Violet, Crimson, Scarlet, Ivy

    Calvin- Not bad. I kinda like it, although it's not my typical style.
    Combos: Calvin Marcus, Calvin Peter, Calvin James, Calvin Luthor, Calvin Walt, Calvin Parker
    Siblings: Garrett, Collin, Christopher, Nicholas, Colby, Wyatt, Levi, Reuben, Mary, Anna, Paige, Catherine, Carly, Leanne, Moira, Eloise, Savannah, Mercy, Isadora

    Hugo- Really not my style. Can't say I'm a fan.
    Combos: Hugo Flemming, Hugo James, Hugo Anthony, Hugo Thomas, Hugo Giovani, Hugo Vincent
    Siblings: Gunther, Everett, Peter, Marcel, George, Henry, Harrison, Whitney, Marianne, Matilda, Jane, Hazel, Hosanna, Harriett, Henrietta, Helen(a), Alice, Victoria

    Heath- Love this!
    Combos: Heath Mackenzie, Heath Joshua, Heath Robert, Heath Evander, Heath Tristan, Heath Quin
    Siblings: Haley, Hayden, Greyson, Levi, Oran, Willis, William, Finley, Tara, Hermione, Makenna, Hannah, Holly

    Thaddeus- Not quite sure what to think about this one. Tadd would be a kinda kewl nickname I guess.
    Combos: Thaddeus Marquis, Thaddeus Asher, Thaddeus Orion, Thaddeus Emmett, Thaddeus Hugh, Thaddeus James
    Siblings: Ezekiel, Zachariah, Urijah, Atticus, Arturo, Timothy, Tiernan, Reuben, Eustace, Theodora, Priya, Josephine, Susanna, Lucille, Dorcas, Beulah, Tallulah, Beatrice, Helena, Temperance

    Alaric- Neat.
    Combos: Alaric John, Alaric Roman, Alaric Monroe, Alaric Bryce, Alaric Hunter, Alaric Hugo
    Siblings: Atticus, Jude, Aurelius, August, Gabriel, Abraham, Absalom, Arthur, Greggory, Yessenia, Alice, Serafina, Georgia, Vivienne, Eloise, Amanda, Annemarie, Azalea, Sarah, Agatha, Marguerite, Lucretia

    Gideon- Love This!
    Combos: Gideon Asher, Gideon Raphael, Gideon Michael, Gideon Royal, Gideon Hunter, Gideon Joseph, Gideon Caleb, Gideon Levi, Gideon Isaiah
    Siblings: Reuben, Gabriel, Griffin, Garrett, Benjamin, Cooper, Daniel, Jonah, Judah, Julian, Orval, Vincent, Joshua, Moises, James, Asher, Gavin, Abraham, Joseph, Aaron, Noah, Rebekkah, Leah, Rachel, Lucy, Mary, Anna, Rahab, Hannah, Grace, Georgia, Gabrielle, Joy, Keziah, Priscilla, Ruth, Naomi, Jaelle

    Maxwell- There are other Max names I prefer over this, but it's not bad.
    Combos: Maxwell Parker, Maxwell James, Maxwell Arturo, Maxwell Stuart, Maxwell Arthur
    Siblings: Jett, Jameson, Kennedy, Lincoln, Monroe, Jaxon/Jackson, Mitchell, Macsen, Mackenzie, Michelle, Moira, Delaney, Maybree, Colette, Magnolia, Marguerite, Makenna, Everly, Gracin, Rose, Savannah

    Vincent- This one's been growing on me lately and I think I rather like it right now.
    Combos: Vincent Jade, Vincent Porter, Vincent Aaron, Vincent River, Vincent Kevin, Vincent Drew
    Siblings: Noah, Daniel, Victor, Owen, Vaughn, Valor, Evan, Viggo, Van, Rory, Eric, Shea, Asa, Roger, Orval, Jeffrey, Maren, Amber, Kelsey, Sasha, Natalie, Valorie, Vienna, Victoria, Virginia, Veronica, Vivian, Gabrielle, Susanna, Lucy, Quinn
    ~Meaghan Marie (29) & John Michael (31)~
    ~ Aubriella Braelyn (1/20/07) ~ Kaia Avalon (10/28/2008) ~ Aidyn Ryker (10/13/09) ~
    ~ Taylee-Rose Amethyst (1/22/12) ~ Lyric Amelie (7/27/13) ~ Asher Tobias (9/16/14) ~
    ~ Calliope Faye (1/29/16) ~ Althea Guinevere (3/3/17) ~

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    Whoops. Ha, I forgot about this. :) I didn't go through and look for combos in particular that I like, but I did find names you suggested that weren't on my list that I like.





    I like Alisamber too, but I'd never be able to use it, ha. :) ;)

    And yeah, I definitely stole Torrin from you... I feel like I say it differently with two Rs, like it rolls off the tongue more. Or I'm just weird. Also an option.

    It's funny that you mention the spelling Sebastien, since that was actually my first choice of spelling, but I changed my mind right before posting this. The more I think about it, though, the more I prefer it over Sebastian.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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