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Thread: Lily

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    I adore the simplicity of Lily and it's became my top girl name.

    Do you like Lily? Do you like the combo Lily Adelaide? Any other middle names for Lily?

    Also... Do you think Lily and Mason (boy) would go well as a sibset?


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    Perfect sib set! I love Lily as well. Lily Adelaide is beautiful!
    Other thoughts:
    Lily Agnes
    Lily Eloise

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    I think Lily and Mason are so cute together

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    Lily Adelaide is absolutely sweet.

    I think that Lily and Myles, from your signature, would go together very well as siblings. Even better than Mason.

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    Lily Adelaide is so stunning and gorgeous!It's breathtaking and beautiful! I love it!
    I would just like to make a suggestion.Lily is getting really popular so I would using Lilac Adelaide because Lilac isn't so popular.What about Leila pronounced(lay-la)??For a mn I would do Lilac Estelle.It's really pretty.
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