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    20 names I'd use in real life

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    Not expecting, just love names

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    Opinions please, on...

    Great list of names, I like:

    Gwenith / Gwen
    Annabeth "Annie / Betsy"

    I also like Margo but not the spelling you listed.

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    Gwenith / Gwen - I like Gwen. And Gwendolen or Gwendolyn. But not really liking Gwenith, and people will assume it's Gwyneth as in Paltro.
    Joan - Simple and pretty. I'd use it as a middle. It's not quite as cool as Jane to me, though.
    Raquel - I really like Raquel.
    Margaux - This is my favourite spelling of it.
    Viveka - Wonderful name.

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    Gwenith/Gwen - Really like both, but would spell the former Gwyneth or Gwenyth.
    Joan - Like as a solid middle name, but it wouldn't excite me as a first name.
    Jeanette - Too dated imo.
    Raquel - Went to high school with a girl named this, same nickname even. The association makes me dislike it, but it's not a bad name objectively.
    Ursa - Would be a cool constellation name!
    Theda - Dislike the sound.
    Margaux - Like the name, prefer Margo spelling, this one is a little frilly for me.
    Rose/Rosy - I just have never been into Rose names, but they are classic.
    Maris - Cool sound, and I like it a lot.
    Eve - Pretty, prefer as a middle name due to its simplicity.
    Romy - Cute. I also like Romilly.
    Freya - Like this, and it's a pretty accessible feeling goddess name.
    Greta - Like it, it makes me think of Old Hollywood glamour.
    Annabeth - Not a fan of anna/beth names, so this one just isn't my style.
    Maeve - Love, it's a middle name on my list.
    Allegra - Beautiful and classy.
    Vaughn - Prefer as a boy name, though it doesn't strike me as impossible.
    Viveka - Like the name, it's got a lot of spunk to it. Prefer Viveca or Vivica spelling though.
    Sylvie - Love love love! This name has recently become my #1.
    Cecile - Very pretty name. I also like Cecilia or Cecily.
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    Another question guys...

    Where do you stress Margaux and do different spellings affect that?

    Also Wdyt of Annabess?
    Not expecting, just love names

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