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    Twins names are?....

    My last posts replies were a TON of help. Sorry for the typos, Latelyn was meant to be Katelyn. So, after looking talking my husband and I came down to:

    McKinley Tate & Layken Marie
    McKinley Tate & Kensington Grace
    Avia Quinn & Audrey Nikole
    Layken Marie & Kensington Grace
    Emerson Reed & Kensington Grace
    McKinley Tate & Emerson Reed

    Nn for McKinley- Kinley
    Kensington- Kensi
    Emerson- Emme

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    I think Emerson and Kensington are the best. Emme and Kensi are cute nicknames!

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    I like Avia and Audrey, but they're so different stylistically is feels weird. I think Ava and Audrey would be great.
    Emerson and Kensington would be second, but I picture boys rather than girls.

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    I like Avia and Audrey. McKinley and Emerson are blatantly masculine, and Kensington is incredibly pretentious.

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    I like Avia and Audrey but possibly with the mns switched
    so Avia Nicole and Audrey Quinn - I find these easier on the ear , Avia Quinn doesn't sound as nice as Avia Nicole IMO , I don't know why , same with Audrey Quinn. I think Quinn also spices up the very traditional Audrey and likewise Nicole makes Avia sound more classic (personally I think Ava Nicole would be even prettier)
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