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    Please help us decide!

    I've posted before but I am coming back with a couple extra names to add to our list

    I think I will start with finding out what name you like the best (or if you have time, put them in order) before I tell you my DD's name. Maybe tell me why you do or do not like the names. I think sibsets should sound good together but I also think the individual name is more important I live in a pretty trendy city and I am starting to hear some of these names more but...this is the list we have arrived at. Thank you so much for your help!

    Our list:
    Aveline (Av-uh-leen)
    Corinna--edited to this spelling, which I prefer
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    1 Aveline - A rare French beauty.
    2 Corrina - I prefer the Corinna spelling and the "ko-RIN-uh" pronunciation. A classic mythological name. I also like Corinne (ko-RIN).
    3 Willa - soft and feminine with a great literary pedigree
    4 Hazel - OK but not my favourite colour/tree name.
    5 Helene - I prefer Helena. I knew a Helene so it has a negative association for me. Unless you're pronouncing it the French way (HÉLÈNE = "ay-len") then Helene (he-LEEN) sounds very dated compared to Helena.
    All the best,

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    Ranked in Order:

    1. Aveline - Oh-so lovely.
    2. Willa - After saying this out loud a few times it grew on me. I like it.
    3. Corrina - The spelling looks off, but the sound is pretty. I prefer Corinne, though.
    4. Hazel - This was on my list for a while, but I've grown out of liking it. It's okay, but there are better nature names ie: Juniper
    5. Helene - This would be higher if it were spelt Helen. It would be tied for 1st if it were the fresher Helena.
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    Hazel- I think this is a spunky classic name! Cute!
    Aveline- I like it in theory but I think if you used the nn Ava she would just be piled in with all the other avas!
    Helene- I prefer just plain old Helen!
    Willa- Im not a fan personally but its ok
    Corrina- I like it if its pronounce Core-EE-na... but not cor-IN-a
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    Thank you for your opinions! I personally like it pronounced Core-EE-na.

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