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    Middle ground for a middle name

    We are officially ttc for #2 and are both loving Susannah. We always had it down as a middle name for a second little girl because it honours a dear aunt of mine, but we love its elegance coupled with its pioneer girl charm so much that its become a top contender for a first name. So now we're talking about a middle name for Susannah and we're butting heads. We both have our favourites, now we need a compromise.

    I love Susannah Delphine. For me, its the perfect name. Delphine is a long time love of mine and i love the flow with Susannah. Its also a bit unexpected which is important to me since Susannah is more familiar than our dd's name. However, Dh has an almost pathological hatred of Delphine. I can't really explain it, its just annoying. He's usually very open minded with names but i don't think i'll ever win this one. Sigh.

    He loves Susannah Memphis. I actually like it; Memphis is bluesy and cool (i know i lifted that from the database description, but its true!) and Dh is a big blues and early rock and roll fan (as am I). Its unexpected and the flow isn't bad, and Memphis is a good looking and sounding word. But on the other hand, i think its a bit silly considering neither of us are from the States, we live in a small village in south-west england, and we've never been to Memphis. Something about that just irks me.

    Do you Berries have any ideas of a compromise between Delphine and Memphis that would sound good with Susannah? Here's a couple i've come up with:
    Susannah Maybelle: this has the music connections that dh like and it is adorable. But im a bit jaded with the whole Belle thing.
    Susannah Mirabelle: i like the frilly character but see above about Belle names
    Susannah Pearl: pretty but i dont think dh loves it
    Susannah Lucille: i got really excited when i thought of this last night, it mixes the bluesiness of Memphis with the beautiful French flair of Delphine. But now i'm thinking theres too many "u"s.
    Any other ideas?

    Thank you!
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    I LOVE Memphis! I think it's adorable! Girls are named Georgia, but they don't have to live in Georgia, for example. To be honest, I think it would be weird if my name was Georgia and I lived in Georgia. Haha! It would definitely take away from the name. Just like Carolina or Dakota, it's soooo cute on girl, just not if they live there. That's my opinion, though! Memphis is absolutely lovely!

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks hilary, place names are tricky imo. I do like Memphis, there is something about that cluster of consonants in the middle ( much like the 'lph' in the middle of Delphine now i come to think about it) that i find irresistable. And i do see your point. I suppose Memphis just seems a bit too cool for us!

    I'd love any other suggestions if you've got any, Berries!
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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