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    Ramona I like this one. I would pick another nickname besides Mona(which I think is what turns people off to the name) prior to her birth.
    Lucille I like this one.
    Bridget I like this one, too. It doesn't seem that dated to me.
    Norah This one is good too.
    Eleanor None of these names seems particularly bad or particularly awesome to me. If I met little girls named them, I wouldn't blink.
    Eleanora I think Eleanor is better. This always seems to be for people who think Eleanor needs a so they can call her Nora.
    Dorothy This one seems to dated to me, but maybe it'll be comback. Not my favorite, although I liked when I was younger and had a thing about old names.
    Beatrix Beatrix is one that came back recently. Many people mentioned Ramona Quimby on the list. With Beatrix and Ramona I would guess Beverly Cleary was a favorite author.
    Neila Try Cornelia instead. A wonderfully older name with the nickname Nelia or Neila, or Nel.
    Fiona I love this one. On my own favorites.
    *new addition to list... Valentina This one is sweet. I really like it.
    1. Valentina
    2. Ramona
    3. Eleanor nn Nora
    4. Fiona
    5. Lucille
    I wouldn't use either Dorothy or Eleanora.
    Good Luck!

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    I like Bridget, Eleanor, and Valentina. I really love Valentina.

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    Nice List!

    Ramona - Sounds very fresh (and also great in Spanish) to me. I'd nn with Ramie or Minnie and not Mona.
    Lucille - Roberts. Not my style.
    Bridget - Always sounds snobby to me.
    Norah - I like Nora, without the H. I'd have a hard time matching it (to be a fn or sn) with any of your other names though.
    Eleanor - Never liked it.
    Eleanora - Really never liked it.
    Dorothy - A really great, underused name!
    Beatrix - Though it's popular here, I'm not into it.
    Neila - How is this pronounced?
    Fiona - Such a sweetheart name! Fiona Dorothy would be a great combo.
    Valentina - Always makes me think of Valentine's day. It's not my style at all.

    I like Ramona, Nora, Dorothy, and Fiona.

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    Ramona - All right, but not really my style.
    Lucille - Not really a fan; I prefer Lucia.
    Bridget - Meh.
    Norah - I like this, it's sweet, but I'd do away with the -h.
    Eleanor - I love Eleanor, it's so elegant.
    Eleanora - Prefer Eleanor.
    Dorothy - Bit old-fashioned, but I think it could work. And you could use Dotty as a nn till she grows into it.
    Beatrix - I like it, but mostly because I adore Beatrix Potter.
    Neila - NEEL-uh? Not a fan.
    Fiona - Seems a bit dated to me and not particularly exciting, though it's pretty enough.
    Valentina - I prefer Valentine.

    I'd personally go for Eleanor and use Nora as a nn whenever you want one.
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    Ramona -- Cute!
    Lucille -- Love!
    Bridget -- Not a fan
    Norah -- Okay
    Eleanor -- Love this one!
    Eleanora -- Same.
    Dorothy -- Makes me think of Wizard of Oz, but I'm a Wicked nut, so I approve!
    Beatrix -- I can't see this without thinking of Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter.
    Neila -- How do you pronounce it?
    Fiona -- Eh.
    Valentina -- Cute!

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