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    I like Norah (though I prefer it without the h) and Eleanora from your list. I think they are classy and easy to pronounce.
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    I like your style. You have some lovely names on your list and a few are on my list, too!

    Ramona - Cute.
    Lucille - Not my favourite "Luc" name, but it's nice. I prefer Lucia!
    Bridget - The least best name on your list imo.
    Norah - It's cute, but I prefer it without the "h".
    Eleanor - I've never cared for it. Feels very old to me. Lenore or the French Eleanor (Alienor) are much nicer imo.
    Eleanora - Same as Eleanor.
    Dorothy - It's very old lady, but could be charming. I think I prefer the spelling Dorothea.
    Beatrix - Love! It's spunkier than Beatrice and has a great meaning.
    Neila - Seems like someone slapped an "a" on the end to honor a Neil. I don't like it.
    Fiona - It's growing on me.
    Valentina - Though it's a bit frilly, I like it.

    More names that you may fancy:
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    I love Lucille, Eleanor, Dorothy, Fiona and Valentina! My favorite, though, from your list would have to be Lucille. I love the nickname Lucy. I even like Lucila - nickname Cila or even Luca. Soooo cute! And Lucille/Lucila both sound great with your son's name!
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    Ramona - honestly reminds me too much of Ramona the Pest from the Beverly Cleary books. But not bad! Just not a fan personally.
    Lucille - I really like this. It's a great name that feels fresh again with the cute nn of Lucy.
    Bridget - I've always loved Bridget. So sweet and spunky.
    Norah - I prefer it w/o the h, but it's very simple and pretty.
    Eleanor - I like Eleanora. For some reason, it feels cut off without an a in comparison to the next one. But still cute!
    Eleanora - Very beautiful! And fresh.
    Dorothy - I love Dorothy as a classic to bring back, maybe b/c I adore the Wizard of Oz.
    Beatrix - I like this better than Beatrice, I think the x is cool. Just don't call her Trixie, please! Bea is a cute nn though.
    Neila - Quite honestly never heard this, and it feels a little awkward to say. Try Nylah?
    Fiona - Not on my list, but I think it's a great choice. Unusual and somewhat royal, imo.
    Valentina - Eh, not a fan. It's pretty enough, but the whole name sounds embellished, like you're trying to hard. Know what I mean?

    Overall, great list!

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    Ramona - A pretty name, perhaps not an eternal classic like Beatrix or Eleanor though.
    Lucille - Like this a lot, pretty and sophisticated, plus you get the lovely Lucy as a nn. There's Lucia too.
    Bridget - I know this has come back into vogue but I never cared for it, feels clunky and old auntish.
    Norah - I like this.
    Eleanor - Classic and elegant, I would choose Eleanora because it has a more musical sound and because it gives you Nora as a nn.
    Eleanora - This is a lovely elegant classic, feminine but not frilly.
    Dorothy - I prefer Theadora only because I think of the Wizard of Oz, but it is a sweet name.
    Beatrix - Love this, it's classic but off beat and fun.
    Neila - Don't like this at all, it just feels like a bad attempt to make a boys name feminine.
    Fiona - I'm not mad for it, but it's a good name, it just feels a bit dated to me.
    Valentina - I find this a bit too frilly.

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