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    List of Obscure Names

    I've been really fascinated with obscure names. To be an obscure name, it needs to be: not made up and not on nameberry.

    Here are some:

    Greek Charites:
    Aglaea (Greek: beauty or splendor)
    Euphrosyne (Greek:mirth, merriment)
    Thalia (Greek: good cheer)

    Cordula (Late Latin: heart)
    Crescentia (Latin: to grow)
    Dietlinde (German:tender people)
    Gundula (German: war)
    Heilwig (German: happy war)
    Primavera (Italian: first rose)
    Sidonia (German: of Sidon)
    Swanhild (German: swan battle)
    Wiebke (German: war)

    Feel free to add more.
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