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    Trstan; I'm shocked you like Tristan

    emilyva; Thanks, I like Benedict and Rupert (!!) very much.

    leona; Ambrose is lovely, as is Leon & Emeric. Alaric is kind of on the list, I just keep on forgetting about it and that, to me, is a bad sign.

    Bob=Kate/Catherine; Yay for Hector! It's in my secret top five. I never thought of the nickname Lee for Leander... Lysander I'm starting to get iffy about because the Shakespeare character is dull. Thanks!
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    Hi. i was just wondering if you could answer my question in the boys category? I really need help.
    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Trstan; I'm shocked you like Tristan
    You know, I actually think this name is a bit trendy ... but I love the Tristan and Iseult story. Especially the Matthew Arnold poem. So I don't mind the trendiness of this name.

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    @kkrvf dug this up out of her (extended) family tree and suggested it on my thread.
    Thought it might appeal to you too with it's distinctive sound and Italian routes.
    Bonaventure could be a great mn counterpart to Beatrice.
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    Lol I didn't know you had a post for your boy names!

    At the top:
    Orlando - I loooove this name.
    Sebastian - My #1 name! So sad it's getting so popular, but that won't stop me from using it!
    Hector - Love the history of this name

    Loxias - Reminds me of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts and that makes it a winner for me
    Salvator, Faramond - Surname-y, but I like them
    Dante - I've always like this name
    Leonidas - So strong!
    Lysander - I don't care for it, but I like it with Rosalind

    Almost, but not quite:
    Antony - Too plain next to Rosalind, imo. And I prefer Anton
    Lucius - Not my favourite 'Luc' name. I much prefer Lucian and Lucien.
    Tristan - This always reminded me of King Triton! I like it, but it's a bit trendy
    Marlowe - Prefer this on a girl
    Lancelot - A bit too Shakespeare
    Isidore - I know it's masculine, but it feels a bit too feminine because of more popular Isadora
    Robin - Only as a middle
    Percival - I want to like Percival, but I'm not quite there yet. I really like Percy, though

    I dislike:
    Rufus - More suited for a pet, imo
    Wilfred - That show with Elijah Wood
    Ranulph - First reaction is: "Is this supposed to be Randolph?"
    Quentin - Freaking Tarantino. He's a character! lol...
    Silvan - Prefer Sullivan. Silvan just reminds me of the tutor program.
    Ulric - Reminds me of a disease
    Roderick - Never liked this name
    Orpheus - I see Orphan
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