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    Oh gosh, this is a lovely list. Not sure there's a bad choice on here, but the ones below are those I feel would be best as a brother for Rosalind/the ones I adore most:
    Bertram (one of my absolute favourite names, love this & it would be perfect with Rosalind. I'm probably not brave enough to use it, so you'll have to use it for me!)
    Emrys (so beautiful!)
    Lysander (too much Shakespeare?)
    Orlando (though this might be too close in sounds to Rosalind)
    Tresillian as a mn would be incredible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    [...]"Can we please have one year not talking about names?"[...]
    Awe, can you really blame him? I mean Rosalind was JUST born about a month ago. I'm sure he's overwhelmed considering names and names probably = babies in his book. lol.

    I LOVE:
    Faramond – I love this, but more importantly you've always loved this. Enough said.
    Figaro – though only as a mn. As a fn it feels a bit flambouant.
    Gawain – swoon, just swoon.
    Hector – I've been considering this for my top 10 but next to Victor it was just too much. Rosalind and Hector would be amazing, he's is as masculine and warrior like as she is romantic and soft – I kind of love this.
    Leander, Lysander – I prefer Lysander (despite the fact that I constantly want to smack Lysander in MSND) and that it's too Shakespeare with Rosalind for me. However I think this is because a close childhood friend named two of her dolls Amanda and Leanda. I do however, love both so <shrug>.
    Leonidas, Leopold Leonidas and Rosalind would be really great together, I like the repeating letters but completely different sounds. Would you be worried about this putting you in a box though? Leopold is a great “normal” name version for Leonidas don't you think?
    Lucius - I'm strongly considering this as an alternative to Ludwig on my list. Easy and recognizable but not overly used. I think this would be great with Rosalind, it has that same old-timey yet modern feel.
    Orpheus – This would be such a stunning first mn for a boy Orpheus and Illyria as a match are just devine.
    Percival Percival has a great spunk and distinct character but has that similar medieval feel that Rosalind has. This would be a great choice for a name that has a very similar appeal but very different personality.
    Rufus – Fun, spunky and a little mischievous. I love. (Would you worry about it being to canine?)
    Sebastian – This feels like THE perfect name to match with little Roo. Rosalind and Sebastian have such a similar romantic lightness and earthy weight that I almost feel you need to consider it seriously, at least as a mn to complement little Roo's fabulous name.
    Tristan – Well it's in my own top ten so, you know.... both Rosalind and Tristan evoke these images of sweeping all consuming love affairs in me – I adore that as a sib-set they aren't the same love affair (awkward) and yet they feel like kindred spirits.
    Ulric – I was seriously considering this as an alternative to Alaric but couldn't do it. (It didn't make my top ten because it's just too similar to Alaric).

    I LIKE:
    Anselm – I really, really like this name it's just missing a certain something to make it as special as Rosalind.
    Anthony – I absolutely adore Anton and hate Tony so Anthony straddles this divide of love and hate (closer to the love and thus falls under like).
    ArmandJust doesn't jive 100% with little Roo to me. But still so handsome and stunning I couldn't put it in the “you have better” list.
    Casimir – I love Casimir but it just strikes me as softer and lighter than Rosalind and that rubs me the wrong way. I adore Rosalind so much and somehow as a sib-set combo I don't love either.
    Evander – too much like Lysander and well I love Lysander and I know way too many Evanders/Evans. (I actually know 5 which just always strikes me as excessive).
    Lancelot – I'd love Lance nn Lancelot. I think Lancelot is a bit too on the nose for a fn (esp in England).
    Loxias – this reminds me a bit too much of Bagles and Lox.
    Orlando - This feels a bit too normal and Shakespearian with Rosalind. The combo keeps it out of my “love” column but it is soo handsome and a really great choice.
    Quentin - A little to everyday for you, but still so stunning.
    Rainier – I know you love this but it's so close to Rainer that I always need to take a second look to not think it's an old man's name.
    Robin - A little to everyday for you, but still so stunning.
    Roderick – The only think that keeps me from loving Roderick is it's similarity to Broderick. Broderick strikes me as surnamey and trendy (though it's not really) and it thus leave me a little cooler toward Roderick than I would want for a name that is so distinguished.
    Salvator – I love the name I just don't love it with Rosalind.
    Socrates Love this as an idea. For a mn. As a first it feels like it's could just be too much weight on a person – thus on the (high) “like” list.

    Bertram, Dante, Emrys, Isidore (only because it's so close to all other Isabel names that I'd fear non-name-nerds to think you gave your son a girls name, and him getting quite a bit of flack for it), Marlowe, Ranulph , Silvan , Tresillian, Umberto, and Wilfred
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    Ooooooh quite a few if these were in my initial list and were vetoed by picky partner!! I love Tristan (this is gorgeous with Rosalind!) Rufus (though not wild about Rosalind and Rufus...Roo and Perseus instead of Percival?! Love Percy!! I ADORE Hector!!! And also Evander. Figaro is pretty cool too...maybe in the middle spot?! And there is definately something about Wilfred... Rosalind and Wilfred are pretty adorable together!
    Top three:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Ulric (I'm reading a novel at the moment that might put me off this though)
    Ahahaha. Sorry! Just about to write a new bit with him in it too.

    I love so many names from your lists. With Rosalind I think... Leander, Anthony, Evander and Casimir are my favs.
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    I am so pleased that you like Loxias! I think Dante goes best with Rosalind, though

    Dante Sebastien? That would totally be my pick

    Love all your names, though, maybe you can help me with my girl list!
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