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    All the best,

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    I LOVE: Casimir, Evander, Gawain, Leander, Leopold, Orpheus, Rainier, Sebastian, Tristan, Ulric

    I don't love but see why you do: Antony, Armand, Bertram, Dante, Emrys, Faramond, Hector, Isidore, Lancelot, Leonidas, Loxias, Lysander, Marlowe, Orlando, Quentin, Ranulph, Robin, Salvator, Silvan, Socrates, Tresillian

    I dislike: Anselm, Figaro (will always be linked to my childhood cat's haha), Lucius/Percival (sorry HP), Roderick (Emma's comment forever stamped on my mind), Rufus/Wilfred (too connected to real/fictional dogs in my mind), Umberto (just don't like)

    Love with Rosalind: Antony, Casimir*, Gawain, Hector, Isidore, Leopold*, Orlando, Sebastian, Tristan* are my favorites.
    (I really love the idea of an L name next to Rosalind, and feel like the shared letter makes for a beautiful sibset sound)

    Hooray for more fun with Ottilie's favorite names! You are so tempting me to make a 'just for fun' post right now... <3
    Dominic James~ {7}

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    Thanks ladies! Love getting some feedback... although my favourites Armand and Tresillian aren't getting too much love!

    C&PUno: Yeah, Tresillian is a place in Cornwall, also Robert Tresillian!

    Rosey: I love Orlando with Rosalind too, but I think I'd be scared of starting a specific theme... But that's my crazy, especially as baby #2 won't be here for at least 18 months!

    Reverie: Wohoo, categories! Love it!

    Javad: Thanks! And thanks for the thorough feedback... love your comments, as always!

    Amy: Please do a for fun list!!! Love that you had a cat named Figaro. I forgot about Emmsie's comment about Rod... meh. Love the ones you have in your love category!
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    Ooh I love so many on your list but I will try to cut it down to the ones I think sound/look the best with Rosalind.

    Armand- Romantic, handsome, cute, would age well, exotic but familiar and easy to say, it pretty much has it all doesn't it? It sounds even better with Rosalind but I will say to beware of starting a theme with -nd endings. Other than that I love it!

    Casimir- I love Casimir! I can’t believe I forgot about this name! It’s handsome, exotic sounding and has historical roots. I love the nickname Caz! It sounds good with Rosalind but when just looking at them both, they definitely would not strike me as siblings, at least not at first.

    Lysander- It feels like a cool twist on Alexander. This would definitely be a great little brother to Rosalind! I can’t help but think of the character from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and because of that it gives off a magical feel. Love it!

    Lucius- I considered this myself but I now have it on my middle name list. It’s a familiar but uncommon name and I’m surprised it hasn’t really taken off yet. I think it sounds like the name of a very cool boy/man. It goes surprisingly well with Rosalind.

    Orlando- Love the double Os! It’s cute but grown up and would sound even more sophisticated next to Rosalind. Orlando reminds me of Ottavio and Octavio, have you considered those?

    Orpheus- The myth about Orpheus is definitely one of my favorites, which makes me love the name even more. It’s soft but also strong at the same time, I love that about it. The only thing is for some reason I think of medicine when I see/hear it but that's probably just my weird mind.

    Rainier- By far my favorite! Sounds extraordinary with Rosalind but also by itself! It’s handsome, unusual, strong, historical, and romantic with a touch of a nature feel (all of which Rosalind is as well!). Love it!

    Silvan- This reminds me of stars, it sounds very dreamy just like Rosalind.

    So my favorites with Rosalind (in order) would be: Armand, Rainier and Orpheus
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    I like
    Leonidas- Leon
    especially the ones in bold

    and 'maybe'

    A lot of these names would make brilliant middle names though. If you wanted any suggestions i'm here.
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    Excludes my top 7 girls and top 7 boys names.

    girls reserve list - Lucia(loo-see-a) - Orla -Kitty (katherine) - Iris - Celia - Ilona(ee-low-na)

    boys RL - Caspar - Tristan - Rowan - Charles (not charlie)

    Note: Official names in brackets and they are just that 'official'.

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