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    I love:

    Bertram - particularly with the nn Bertie.
    Dante - very romantic.
    Leopold - dashing and comes with the lovely Leo bonus if you wish it.
    Lysander - also very dashing and romantic (plus Shakespeare bonus points).
    Orlando - ditto Lysander.
    Percival - sounds like a knight and Percy's an adorable nn.
    Rufus - there just aren't enough Rufuses about.
    Tristan - basically my favourite boy's name in the entire world and has been since I was 12/13. I am now 20. It's not changing any time soon.
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    These are just personal favourites - your whole list is pretty great though.

    Rosemary Una ''Romy''
    Fenella Briar ''Nell''
    Maud Evangeline
    Sibyl Constance
    Edith Aveline
    Iseult Matilda
    Agnes Eilidh
    Alba Madeline

    (Eilidh = ay-lee. Iseult = ee-soolt)

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore Jack ''Sid''
    Emmett Kielder
    Hugh Raphael
    Alec Oberon
    Wilfred Fox
    Rufus Colm
    Jeremy Aidan ''Jem''
    Nicholas Hwyl ''Cas''
    (Colm = col-um. Hwyl = hwill)

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    So many great ones! I first picked out my favorite 20 and then noticed that they (mostly) fit into three distinct categories. Here they are:

    Romantic & Gallant
    Antony* - This seems like a perfect brother for Rosalind.
    Gawain* - Goes impeccably well with Rosalind. It was one of my favorites from you original list. Also considered putting this in the Magical & Dreamy category
    Leander* - This also could easily fit in the Magical & Dreamy category. I absolutely love, love, love this name and am pretty sure that it's my favorite on your list. Everything from the meaning to the legend is just so fabulous.

    Magical & Dreamy
    Silvan* - you may also like Florin. I love both of these names
    Faramond - Also considered putting this in the Romantic & Gallant cateogry

    Charming & Sophisticated
    Orlando - too much As You Like It?

    Starred names are my absolute favorites. Leander, Antony, Gawain, and Hector lead the pack for me.
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    Great list! Ottilie lists are always a bit of a treat. And if I haven't said it already, Rosalind is a great name!

    My favorites from your list here are:
    Emrys- Evander and Emrys are definitely my top 2 from your list (as you could probably guess, as they're in my own top 4 options)--- just amazing names.
    Lucius- Great name. Great meaning. Would be in my top 10 if it didn't sound so similar to my sister-in-law's Chinese name. Hope I meet someone with this name someday, it'd make me smile.
    Anselm- This name has actually floated it's way up into our top 10 on several occasions, and then gradually sunk away, only to re-rise again later (Ansel also). It's one of those names I keep coming back to, and if any name was to surprise it's way into our top 5, this one would very likely be it.
    Armand- I've known a few people with this name, and have always thought it a noble sounding name. It has a very worldly vibe to it too, which I appreciate. It's hard to identify, based on it's sound, where it's origins are from, which I like.
    Lysander- I like this one a lot, but I like Evander leagues better. I don't really know why exactly, but Evander seems both stronger and more noble to me. Plus, the meaning of Evander (good man) is hard to beat as far as meanings go.
    Leander- Same with this one.
    Leonidas- Leonidas and Leopold are definitely my favorite Leo related names. Both got an ancient kinda vibe to em, which I appreciate. I like the Evander/Lysander/Leander names more though (and something think of these in the same general category).
    Orlando- Orlando is a really great name (I often think of Roland and Orlando together, and don't know which one I like more--- I feel like Roland is more accessible for me as an American, just because Orlando is such a famous city. But both Roland and Orlando are awesome names). And I think it pairs up with Rosalind magicall (and much better than Roland, which is pretty much unusable next to Rosalind). One side note though, if you do end up going with this name someday- One of my good friends is named Orlando, but he ended up going with his middle name (which is also awesome- Emiliano), and I suspect it had a lot to do with to references to the city of Orlando and it's Disneyworld theme park.
    Silvan- I like this name a lot, though not as much as some of the others.
    Dante- I've always really liked this name. Another one that feels very worldly. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it on people from a ton of different nations.
    Antony- I like Anton better, feels like it ages better to me, but I do like Antony a lot. Helps that I know a four year old Antony, makes me like it even more.

    And the others:
    Bertram- I like it, but don't have strong thoughts about it. I don't like the NN Bert.
    Casimir- I like this name, just not as much as the ones I listed above. It sounds a little too much like cashmere for my taste.
    Faramond- I'm not a fan of this one. Don't really like the NN Fara. Plus the name sounds too similar to pheromone for my taste.
    Figaro- Feels too much like the name of a pizzeria.
    Gawain- I really want to like this name, but I don't. It's got some sort of tilt in it's pronunciation that sounds not so pleasant to my ear.
    Hector- I like this name, but not very strongly.
    Isidore- I think because I'm relatively familiar with the female variation of this name, it doesn't sound so wonderful to me as a boys name.
    Lancelot- I feel like the association to the Knights of the Round Table dude is too specific.
    Loxias- I'd need to know a bit more about this name to have much of an opinion on it. I can't figure out how to say it.
    Marlowe- I don't really like this one much, and it feels a bit boring next to most of your others.
    Orpheus- I actually really like this name, like a lot, but as a middle name. But, for me, it feels like a little too much of a name for a first name.
    Percival- I like this name, and the NN Percy, but not as much as some of the others from your list.
    Quentin- This would be a cool name on a fifth child, but otherwise I'm very mediocre about it.
    Rainier- I like this name a lot (it's the name of a mountain near where I grew up), but have a little bit of trouble wrapping my mind around it as a FN. I could see myself coming around to liking it a lot though, if I was to give it more in-depth reflection time.
    Ranulph- Feels a little strange to me, mostly since I'm unfamiliar with it but familiar with Randolph.
    Robin- I've got no real thoughts about this name, very unspectacular to me.
    Roderick- I think I could potentially like this name a lot if I let it simmer for a bit.
    Rufus- This name feels a little strange to me. Not such a fan.
    Salvator- I like this name, but no a ton.
    Sebastian- I can understand the appreciation for a name like this, it does have a cool vibe to it, but as for me, I'm only mediocre about it.
    Socrates- Feels inaccessible to me, and a bit pretentious.
    Tresillian- Might be able to be convinced to like this name if I knew more about it, but it feels a little strange to me on first reading it.
    Tristan- Another name I can definitely appreciate that other's appreciate, but for me I don't really like it.
    Ulric- I like it, but not a lot. I like it's medieval feel. Feels like it'd fit in the 'Song of Fire and Ice' world with ease, and that makes me like it more than I otherwise would (I just finished reading the series and my mind is occasionally fully immersed in that universe still). It does have a slightly harsh feeling to it though, not the most friendly feel to it.
    Wilfred- This is very mediocre for me. It feels a bit boring next to some of your other options though.
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    I like:

    *= the ones I think go really well with Rosalind

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