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    Royal names?

    I'm working on a story that involves teenage royals (girls) from many countries. It is set in the future (some of the countries who have abolished monarchies have brought them back), but I'd like to keep some of the same naming styles as today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Some of them are hard because there isn't a lot of royal history to go on and draw names from, which is where I'm having trouble.

    1. Belgium (right now I'm working with Marie Joséphine Caroline Elisabeth - what do you think?)
    2. Denmark
    3. Greece
    4. Netherlands
    5. Portugal (Maria Ana Leonor Beatriz)
    6. Russia (Tatiana Aleksandrovna)
    7. Sweden (Astrid Victoria Christina Ingrid)

    Like I said, any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
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