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    Oberon - Very cool, I like it
    Alder - I love the imagery of this one. Great nature name that's not too in your face. Different, but fits in.
    Roscoe - Cool kid name
    Iolo - I usually love boy names that end in 'o', but I'm just not feeling this one
    Atlas - It sounds really cute, but the myth is too strong in my mind
    Cosmo - I prefer Cosimo
    Herbie - Too cutsy for a full name. I'd go with the full Herbert
    Thoreau - Hmm, a bit on the pretentious side. If there's meaning to you here, I'd consider it.
    Gaius - I really love this name. This was the name of a character in my old Latin grammar books, so it holds a special place in my heart
    Cyril - Not my personal favorite, but I see nothing wrong with it. It's a nice name
    Indigo - for some reason, I could never get myself to like this as a name
    Orson - hands down fabulous
    River - I like it, but would pair it with something a bit more substantial
    Digby - not for me
    Memphis - I know it's originally a mythology name, but the city has taken it over. I personally do not think it makes a very good name
    Cricket - I wouldn't. It's cute in theory, but a cricket isn't the best association, imo. Plus, I think of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
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    Thank you so much for the feedback! To address couple of names specifically...

    Memphis doesn't have a huge amount of personal meaning other than my dad lived there as a child (Memphis, Egypt rather than Tennessee) and when I was young he'd always tell me stories and show me pictures - and it just seemed like such a magical, exotic place. I've always liked the sound and it was on my GP list for a girl, until I heard of Jemima Kirke naming her son Memphis and it's grown on me since.

    Iolo, I think I like the idea of more than anything. And the more I think about it, the more I think 'YOLO' (as in the horribly irritating acronym for 'You only live once' overused by 12 year old kids on the internet).

    Thoreau, I like purely because of the writer. I'm reading Walden at the minute so it's on my mind, and I love his work and ideology. Plus it's so soft and lovely sounding. I don't think I could ever force the burden of an obscure-French surname on a child though.

    I like Cricket because it sounds like such a sweet little boy nickname. I sort of blocked out 'cricket' as in the sport, but that does really bother me and I'd never dare name any child that (probably more usable in the US were cricket is less widely played?). The insect association doesn't bother me at all, I actually like it. But I also love Wolf and Bunny (g).

    'The gay issue' with Gaius couldn't bother me less. My [future] son won't view homosexuality as an insult.

    I'm most surprise with the very positive response to Orson. It's the one I was the least sure of, but I agree it is amazing. I like Orwell a lot at the minute too.

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    Glad to see I am not the one River lover. It's very handsome and cool, obviously my favorite. Indigo and Cyril are also intersting, others are not really my style(I prefer classic names for boys). Great list anyway!

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    I really like Alder and Cyril

    I like Roscoe and Orson.

    Others I like: Afton and Ansel.

    Also, I agree that Thoreau was an amazing writer and I love the idea of the name, but I do think if I met one I might cringe a bit. As a middle name it would be awesome. What do you think of Walden as a name? Or come to think of it, Alden.
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    I love Cricket and Indigo as boy names.
    Atlas is too cute. I'm not a fan of Cosmo, Herbie or Digby

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