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Thread: Booker & Ferris

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    Booker & Ferris

    We have a short boy's list so I'm mulling 2 new names. Not married to either, so bring on the critique.

    Hubby's suggestion: Booker
    -is it too trendy? The occupational names are getting to be a bit much (Archer, Hunter) to the point my husband jokingly suggested Butcher (nn Butch haha) And yet now he suddenly likes Booker? I DO love the nn Book though.

    My suggestion: Ferris
    -but seriously, when I say "Ferris" do you think "Bueller"? Is it possible to wear the name now without that association being too overwhelming? I feel like lots of kids share names with movie characters.

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    When I hear Booker, I think of Booker T. the wrestler. I don't know if this is a deal breaker for you, but it would be for me.

    When I hear Ferris I automatically think of Bueller. I don't know if the next generation will associate it with the movie, but their parents might.

    I think both names are strong, masculine names that would have limited spelling difficulties (a huge thing for me). I just have strong associations for each of these names that would make them unusable.
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    When I hear Ferris, I think of Bueller. Perhaps those in his age group won't though. It's not a bad name. Just will probably be commented on from time to time.

    When I hear Booker, I think of Booker T. Washington. I don't follow wrestling and have no idea who the previous poster is talking about. I think Booker T. Washington is a very worth holder of the name. Also, I love the nickname Book too. (If you are a Firefly fan, it reminds me of the Shepherd Book character even though it's his last name.)

    Personally, of those two options, I'd be more inclined to use Booker because it is rather similar to the Archer/Cooper type names, but will never be that popular. Also, it has a much better nickname than Ferris.

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    With Ferris, yes, unfortunately, I do think of Ferris Bueller straightaway. My second thought is "ferris wheel".

    However, I adore Booker! I love the overt connection to Booker T. Washington (such a wonderful namesake!), and as a lover of books and history and writing, it just seems like the perfect surname/occupation name choice for me. One of my favorite names, although it has never officially made my list. It just hangs outside of my short list, though--I do really love it. And I think the nns Beau/Bo and Book are pretty cool.

    Good luck!
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    When I hear Ferris I do think of Ferris Bueller and Ferris Wheel. I'm not a fan of Booker but I don't think it's that bad.

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