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    Soap Opera in a Book - you never get many views in writers corner so I asked here too

    I thought of maybe writing a soap opera. What do you think? It's set in a beach town named either Aldham, Lormount, Blackwall or Freyston.
    I've come up with characters and possible name ideas but it's kind of hard to find ones that fit. Suggestions would be fab!

    1. The Landlady
    sensible, posh, a retired accountant from Chelsea, London. Always looks smart. Is widowed and owns a cat (name required too!), short permed hair, has two children working in the city. Classic Name, possibly Elizabeth or Katharine.

    2. Landlady's Daughter
    early twenties, clever, fairly posh but enjoys a laugh and party. Has lots of friends and is a Lawyer. Looks after her mother, whom with she gets on well. Newly Married. Long dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Maybe Alice, Lucy or Victoria.

    3. Landlady's Son In-Law
    Very tall, athletic, 'cool' and rich. Owns a jag and wears lots of cologne. Loves his wife very much. He is the Jaguar heir. A bit snooty and ridiculed by people in the town. A trenty name.

    4. The Pub Owner
    late forties, lives with his wife and adopted children. Dry sense of humour and has lots of friends. Very large. The pub is called 'The Giant's Arms'. perhaps Roger.

    5. The Pub Owner's Wife
    late forties, kind and motherly. Sense of humour. Loves to cook. Thinking Darlene or Cheryl. A very middle aged name.

    6. Pub Owner's Daughter
    just turned 18. Pretty and cool, flirts with all of the men that visit the pub. Going through a heavy metal and punk stage. Wants to be a singer and often performs in the pub. Has a baby daughter named Amelia.

    7. Pub Owner's Son
    aged 24. Just settled down with his wife, Shelley, and son Harrison.

    8. The Mysterious Girl
    aged early twenties, moved into a small cottage and keeps herself to herself. Has a ginger bob and freckles and wears a beret. An artist. When approached is fairly friendly. Something unusual like Araminta or Wren.

    9. The Middle Aged Single Man
    An alchoholic who gets on with everyone. Has a dark past (has been in prison)

    10. The 4 Generation Family
    Elderly father who is the local butcher and losing his hearing. His son and daughter in-law, middle aged and fighting a lot. Both are teachers. Their twenty year old twin daughters who are completely different: one is a dancer and a drama queen who loves to go shopping whereas the other is settling to be a doctor in town and has just moved in with her fiancee and their son Thomas.

    11. The Pub Owner's daughter's real Mother
    Her performing career is ruined so she sets out to find her daughter. Is a big Broadway star. Needs a normal real name and an amazing stage name.

    12. The Struggling Family
    Couple in early thirties and seven year old daughter who is struggling with Cancer.

    Those are all my ideas right now.
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