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    Your favorite name(s) you would never use?

    What's the name you love, love, love but just couldn't use - not because your S.O. vetoes it but because of some other consideration.

    Mine is Ambrose - I love that name, but I also can't imagine it not being a bully target.
    Runner up is Benedict. Great name, great meaning, ruined by one terrible Revolutionary War general.

    For girl names, Charlotte, as it doesn't go well with my last name.

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    Mine would probably be Harriet, I think it may be too clunky and vintage.

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    Susannah- I can't stand the nn Susie.

    Jonah- someone said it sounded girly, now all I hear is 'Joan'-uh

    Praying for Mae Evelyn or Reid Elijah
    Mae Evelyn / Ella Hadley / Ada Jane / Lena Camille / Liv Eleanor / Iris Abigail / Gwen Eliza

    Reid Elijah / Benjamin Abel / Owen Archer / Liam Harvey / Jonah Matthew / Ronan Isaac / Jack Ezra

    Eliza Winter / Lila Eve / Liora Jane / Nora Adeline / Cleo Madeleine / Gwen Eliza / Millie Adelaide

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    Liam -- I adore this name but it is much too popular!
    Saoirse -- my SO has vetoed it, but also because I think that the spelling would be difficult for people to grasp.
    Elwyn -- I love it but it does not go with my lastname at all.
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    Narcissa for me. Such a beautiful name but there is narcissistic disorder..
    twenty-something name nerd. infj

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    Vanessa Rose Aphrodite. Helena Edelweiss. Talitha Caroline. Aurelia Madelief

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