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    Three characters who refuse to be named

    My story progress is being halted by three characters that just won't let themselves be named. I've gone through a handful of ideas and none of them stick for more than a day or two.

    First is a football (soccer) player in his early 20s. I'm thinking something like Cal or Kel for his first name (Callum, Calvin, Kelvin as a full name) and maybe Donaghue or Donaghy as his surname, though I don't know how best to spell it. I want a short, one syllable nickname for his firstname, but not your usual Tom, Dan, Sam etc, but at the same time something that wouldn't be too out there for his full name. He's British, though I'm not entirely sure whereabouts he's coming from at this stage.

    The second one is an old schoolfriend of the footballer, who is a newly qualified teacher. I need both a first name and a surname for him, and I've gone through about three surnames for him already, none of which stick. I'm thinking something that could be shortened to an affectionate nickname by the students for his surname, a bit like calling a teacher named Mr Gilmore 'Gilly' or Mr Robinson 'Robbo'. He's the sort of teacher who always wants to do the best for his class, a bit overenthusiastic at times. If it helps, he teaches English.

    The final one is the wife of character one's club manager. The manager's name is Bobby Monroe, and they have two teenage children, Robert Jr (known as Rob) and Molly. They've all been named for ages, but now the wife has come into the story and she just doesn't have a name at all. She's in her 40s, I'm thinking something fairly classic that was pretty popular in the late 60s/early 70s for her.

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