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    My lady baby is here!

    Gemma Hermione was born on April 10th at 11:18 am after 3 very quick hours of induced labor and 3 pushes, although the first two of those were the coughing fit I went into and the getting sick into a garbage can immediately after, pushing her head out. The doctor barely made it to the delivery room in time for the last push to deliver her body, and the nurses were holding her in until he got there! So fast they only got one of my legs into a stirrup before it all jumped off, and I had to try and drag my second into position! Eventful, but a success. She's perfect!

    Big brother Aidan Mackenzie as well as big sisters Ava Dulcea and Mia Isobel are extremely excited to have her home and are constantly trying to hold her, kiss her or pet her. She's gorgeous, she hates having her diaper changed, and is the most cuddly frown-faced (we call her grumpy cat after the internet sensation, she's ALWAYS frowning as a natural face position) bundle of joy ever.

    I didn't have any stitches performed, and after steroids, breathing treatments, a supply of Zithromax and an inhaler that "persistent cold" that was actually Asthmatic Bronchitis has finally been managed so I feel really great and spry right now. Mind you, I'm not better completely from it, but I'm not dying in the meantime while the prescribed medicines have a chance to work their magic. Breastfeeding is going super well, I'm going to need freezer bags already! I feel really optimistic about being able to maintain a supply even after my maternity leave is up. I have plenty of time to work out any kinks I may have until then!

    I had a mostly easy breezy pregnancy (until the end) and even post partum it's still been the smoothest transition. Probably because I have more experience.

    And thank you, berries, for all your guidance and support. In the end I had my name about 4 months ago, but you helped me hang on to that through many "see-saw" moments.

    I'm trying to attach her picture, but if I mess it up I'll put it in the comments!
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

    Bouncing Baby Boy: Tristan Ambrose * Ambrose Galahad* Gabriel Beauregard
    Little Lady: Genevieve Claire * Josephine Adele * Fleur Josephine * Morgana

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