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    Quote Originally Posted by ella17 View Post
    Vivienne and Collette-sounds perfect
    Other names I like with Vivienne:
    Vivienne and Francesca
    Vivienne and Althea
    Vivienne and Odelette
    Vivienne and Fleur
    Vivienne and Florance Love this combo by the way pity hubby vetoed….
    I know! He surprises me... its hard to predict what he'll like and dislike. In general we have similar taste, but sometimes he'll veto something that seems right up his alley. Like Althea. He likes Allegra & Dorothea, but not Althea... go figure!

    He really responded well to Francesca though! I'm glad you brought it up, as its one I really like. I can totally see Vivienne & Francesca, Viv & Frankie. Adorable

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