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Thread: Emily vs Elena

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    Emily vs Elena

    Having trouble deciding between Elena and Emily. We are not sure what we're having yet, but we have pretty much determined a boys name. Having trouble with the girls name. I've loved both names for as long as I can remember. Emily is obviously more popular, but I love all of the NN options (Em, Emmie, Milly). I love Elena for the same reason I love's classic, simple and strong. But it's far less popular, which is more attractive to me. MN will most likely be Grace due to heritage/family name. Which is the overall better choice? Would love some opinions. Thanks!

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    Elena Grace just flows SO much better IMO. And the fact that it's less popular makes it all the more appealing.

    I think the nn Leni would be really cute as well for Elena.
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    Elena is to me, SO much better than Emily. Nothing wrong with Emily, but you have to admit is quite plain/common. Elena has a similar aesthetic, but is much fresher. I love the nickname "Elle" for a teen.
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    Elena, without a doubt. It's a much prettier name, in my opinion. I love all the nickname options too -- Elle, Ellie, Ella, Laine, Lainey, Lena.

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    I love Emilia, but Emily is ok. Elena is much prettier and, if that sort of thing factors into your decision, much less popular.
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