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    I really like Ireland, Bellamy and Lennox.

    Ireland Josephine, Bellamy Josephine, Lennox Josephine are all gorgeous.

    I don't think Sloane or Monroe go as well with Josephine.

    Domino Rae and Bellamy Josephine is my vote!

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    Girls- Winter, Eden, Colette, River, Charlotte.
    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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    I like the suggestion of Pixie, Gray, Avalon and Lux as well
    Domino and Pixie Josephine are cute
    also Griffin, Isis, Isla, Saxon, Blythe, Eden, Azealia, Ryder,

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    What about using Josie as the middle name? or Joe/Joey is kinda quirky and unexpected

    Domino Rae &

    Periwinkle Joe
    Araminta Josie/ Aminta Josie
    Zinnie Joe
    Magenta Joe

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