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Thread: Christmas Names

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    Christmas Names

    I just got my bfp and baby will be expected on Christmas Eve. It has me thinking about Christmasy/Wintery names, so hit me with whatever you've got.

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    Red - (these don't all mean Red directly, but they have red correlations) Adamina, Coral, Garnet, Robin, Ruby, Rowan, Scarlett, Suri (apparently it can mean red rose) Ula
    Green - Beryl, Esme/Emerald/Esmeralda,
    Gold - Aurora, Christa/Crystal (Gold in Greek,) Dawn, Eldora, Marigold, Ophira, Oracia (prayer or gold)
    Silver (since its one of the things that was brought to Jesus) - Argene, Argenta, Ariana, Arianwen, Eirian, Silvestra, Silver/Sylva (Connects to the evergreen idea)
    Belle names - Amabel, Annabelle, Arabelle, Belinda, Belle/Bella, Christabelle, Maribel (star of the sea)
    Light - Alaula, Alcinda, Alina, Alumina, Annot, Anwar, Aonani,Ciana,Ciara, Cindy,Dawn, Elaine, Eleanor, Elena, Eliora, Ellen
    Fulgencia, Helen, Ilene,Leora, Lucia/Luciana, Lumina, Meira, Onella, Phoebe, Roshan, Thea
    Star - Altaira, Asta/Astor, Citali, Csilla, Dannica, Estelle/Estella, Esther, Hesper, Hester, Itzel, all forms of Mary as well, Nova, Sescheta (Egyptian goddess of the stars,) Sidra, Starla, Starling, Tara, Twyla, Vesper/Vespera, Wynstelle
    White - Alba, Alva, Arianwen, Bianca, Elva, Gwen, Ivory, Jennifer, Nola, Whitley, Whitney,
    Snow - Eira, Eirwen, Neiva, Neva,
    Ice - Chrystal/Crystal, Isolde, JanICE (I hate this name, aha)
    Evergreen - Cinnamon (way too out there!, ) Ginger,Heather, Ivy, Myrtle,
    Winter - December, January (depending on where you live!) Cora (goddess who lives in the underworld in Winter,) Perdita (Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale)
    Candle - Candelaria, Chandelle, Chandler, Chaney, Nera
    Fire - Aida, Aithne, Ardea, Blaise, Edana, Enya, Mckenna/Mackenzie, Tandy, Vesta.
    Prayer - Anina, Hannah, Hosannah, Osanna
    Angel - Angela, Angeline, Angelina, Angel, Gabrielle/Gabriella, Celine/Celina, Celeste,
    Song - Carmen, Carol, Daina, Gita, Avis/Mavis, Odele, Ranita, Raina,
    God related names - Ada, Adlai, Amadea, Amaris, Arella, Eliora, Elsa,Emmanuelle/Emmanuella, Gianna, Katriel, Michaela, Odelia, Samantha, Theodora, Tiffany, Uriela,
    Symbols of Christmas - Dove, Joy, Holly, Grace, Noel/Noelle/Noella, Natalie/Natalie, Christian and all is variations, Serene/Serena, Glory/Gloria/Glorianna
    As well as Mary, Joseph, etc.
    There is also people in literary classics or famous stories and films, like as some people have mentioned Clara or Marie (in some verisons,) Eloise, Eden
    Sorry I know there are repeats; but I got carried away! Hope it helps!
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    Natalia, Winter, Christina, Christa, Holly, Hollis, December, Dorothy, Angelina, Noelle, Hope, Gwendolyn (white ring), Stella, Estelle, Virginia, Hermione, Serafine, Gloria, Gloriana, Joy, Eve, Juniper, Ivy, Bianca (white), Neva(snow) would be great for a girl.
    Joseph, Michael, Nicholas, Nikolai, Christopher, Rudolph, Balthazar, Noel, Jasper, Gabriel, Melchior Robin, Claus, Yeshua are handsome X-mas related boy names.

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    Already blessed with a daughter Ella Paige and now planning number 2!!
    Current favourites include:
    Girls - Lois, Ava, Genevieve, Sophie, Ines & Alice
    Boys - Luca, Arlo, Evan, Leo, Tomas & Henry
    Combos - Lois Genevieve & Evan Henry

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