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    Strong names for girls

    I'm trying to find some strong, not flimsy names for girls. My inspiration comes from the movie Brave. Merida is so independent, adventurous, and, well, brave! I'm looking for a name that embodies all of these qualities. So far I have Bridget, Althea, Matilda, and Rainey. Care to add to my list?

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    I believe that the girl shapes the name.

    I do agree that Bridget gives off a nice strong vibe. Most of the more formal versions of Kate do as well, Katherine, Kathleen, Katrina.... Kiera also strikes me as being strong. I think, based on my own list, i'd look towards irish/celtic names.
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    Bellatrix means battle maiden and Ottilie means prosperous in battle! I love both though Bellatrix is a brave choice in both senses I also adore Matilda (I have one!!!!!) and Althea... Another favourite! My daughters middle name is Valentine...another option that means strong! It appears I'm a fan of strong names for girls too!! good luck!

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    I've always thought Petra gave a nice strong vibe. Jane, Sasha, Saba, Elizabeth, Saskia, and Indiana are some others off the top of my head.
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    Brunhilde or Boadicea! (Alright, alright... probably not to anyone's liking....)
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