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    Philip or Augustin?

    So I have a son Leo and I love both of these names. If we were to have another boy which name do you like best? Augustin would go by Gus most of the time. We aren't 100 percent decided on middle names but we really like these two combos:

    1) Philip Edward
    2) Augustin Theodore

    Now don't vote on which middle name you like best because they aren't set in stone. Just tell me which first name you like best with Leo and sister Caroline (if we have a girl this will most likely be her name)


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    Philip no doubt. Leo and Philip are nicer imo. Though Leo and Augustin fit thematically. (Leo the zodiac sign that occurs in the beginning of August.)

    Once Caroline is added in, Philip is definitely the better option imo.

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    karacavazos Guest
    Love Philip! Philip Theodore would strike my fancy.

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    Thanks! Philip Theodore IS handsome....

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    alyssa897 Guest
    I've never heard of Augustin before. It's not bad, but I do prefer Augustus or just August.

    Philip is okay, but not my style at all.

    If you can't decide what about Augustin Philip or Philip Augustin? GL!

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