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    Can't agree on a name... I'm all over the place. Help please!!!

    Sorry this might be kinda long but here's my situation...
    SO and I have been going back and forth about names for 3 months now. He's stuck on the same girl name that he has liked since I was pregnant almost 3 years ago (we ended up having a boy who's now almost 2 1/2). The name he likes is Alexia Rose. I guess I don't mind the name but he wants to call her Lexi which, to me, seems very common. I told him that name is not an option because I just don't feel anything for it.
    My main problem is I just can't find any names that I absolutely love. You know the feeling you get when you finally find the perfect name and just know that's the one? I can't seem to get there.
    On the other hand, his main problem is he is just so indecisive. Every name I bring up, he says it's "not bad but we can do better." Now, just to be clear, we're talking about a man who took over a year to pick out a new tv... I'm due May 22 so we're seriously running out of time.
    Now, another main issue is the baby's last name will be Ruff, which in itself is quite unusual.
    Here are a few names we have been over just so you can kind of get our style. We both tend to lean towards more classic names that have the potential to be shortened into cute nicknames. But at this point I'm open to anything.

    Lucy (not Lucille or anything, just lucy)
    Violet (the front-runner at this point but he's still not sold)
    Evelyn (nn Evie but our son's name is Avery which sounds to similar)
    Avalon (nn Ava but also too similar to Avery:/ )
    Charlotte (nn Charlie)

    I don't want anything real popular or "trendy" and would welcome any middle name suggestions as well. Thank you so much!!!

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    I know exactly the boat you're in! I love your list-here are some more suggestions:

    Lucy- Love this name. Since you like nicknames and the "Lu" sound what about Louisa or Tallula and calling her Lulu?
    Violet-This is on our list too! There's the Nameberry favorite Calla, which has a similar feel...Alice or Isadora (Izzie? Dora?) might work too...
    Avalon- Avonlea, and you could call her Lea?
    Charlotte-Love this too! You could get to Charlie from Carlotta as well! Caroline has a similar classic vibe.

    Good luck!

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    I definately think Evelyn and Avalon are way too similar to Avery... Though Avalon would be gorgeous in the middle spot! I think Avery and Lucy are very cute!! Or how about Avery and Luna? I like combos Luna Violet and Luna Avalon... I also like Violet Avalon...Charlotte is very pretty but I dont like it so much with Avery...
    Other thoughts...
    Avery and....
    Rebecca (Becky, Bec, Becca)
    Pearl... Pearl Avalon is gorgeous
    Valentine/Valentina (Leni)
    Elizabeth (Lizzy,zippy, Betty,Eliza)
    Eliza... As a stand alone name...nn Ellie if you like..
    Lavender... Avery and Lavender would be adorable... I love Lavender Charlotte!

    I really like the sound of a name with a 'v' sound with Avery
    Eg Violet, Valentine, Clover, Lavender, Veda!

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    Cute list! I love the nickname Charlie for Charlotte too. I think, with the exception of Avalon, that the names on your list are all fairly popular at the moment but not necessarily "trendy" (they're classic names that will be around for a long time).

    Charlotte Rose or Violet Grace might be my choices.

    Maybe you could consider:
    Rosalie (nn Rosie)
    Harriet (nn Hattie)
    Tabitha (nn Bitsy or Tib)
    Edith (nn Edie)
    Florence (nn Flora)
    Dorothea (nn Dottie)
    Louise (nn Lou)

    Good luck!
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