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    Is Keenan too '90s?

    The name Keenan seems to be rapidly declining in popularity. Is it still usable or is it too outdated?

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    Keenan feels very outdated.

    What about the simpler and original: Cian/Keane?

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    Cianán doesn't feel as outdated as Keenan does.

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    javad Guest
    I don't think it sounds outdated at all. Keenan/Cianan, Kian/Cian, Kieran/etc etc all have a somewhat similar feel to me. And though Keenan is probably the most recognize of the bunch in the US, especially since around the 90s, I don't think that really matters much.

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    It was never really popular enough to become dated imo. I feel like names have to be really strongly associated to something, like a tv show or celebrity from a certain decade, or be popular in order for them to possibly become dated.
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