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    I don't like Roan as a person name. Roan is a horse color, and I know several horses named Roany! If you're not in a horsey area, then you might be able to get away with it.

    Hazel and Lilac would make a very adorable sibset! I like Nat's suggestions.
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    Subtle sibset themes are actually a GP of mine and while I wouldn't call the sibset of Hazel, Cobalt, Roan & Lilac tacky exactly, (I've seen tackier ones) I don't think that the theme is subtle at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I don't think the example you gave was particularly subtle, but the idea-- of a subtle link-- isn't too bad. As long as it doesn't make the children feel like they came as part of a boxed set.
    I think Blade said it perfectly.

    Your example wasn't really subtle as most people would clearly recognize most of those as being colors. Something that bold would be better off as a middle name imo. I like more subtle themes such as all names having the same origin.

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    I don't like same letter sibsets. My older uncle and both aunts have the same initials SJW and then my mom and younger uncle (from my grandpa's 2nd marriage) are WBW and RDW. It showed how seperate they were.
    I prefer more subtle ones or bold ones for middles. I personally would love to use Remus and Romulus (or Remy and Roman) on twin boys but DH isn't too into it. I like any "set" pair from history/mythology really (Artemis and Apollo).
    DH likes using nature names as middles for girls. His picks are Hacinthia/Hycinthia, Snow and Starr which are all tied to nature but not enough that its completely obvious is you saw Blaire H. and Lilith S. on forms or such.
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    I'm not too keen on a color name set, but don't have any good reasoning for my dislike. I kind of like letter sets. The thought of siblings names Oberon, Ondine, and Osias... or Ignatus, Ianthe, and Isannah... seems lovely to me. But I can't think of any other 'sets' I'd really like. Which is a problem for me, since nearly all my favorite girl names are floral. I hope I never have more than one daughter.
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