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    PA, USA
    Husband: Quincy Nathaniel Hooper
    Wife: Ada Margaret Hooper (nee Barnes)

    Son #1: Robert "Rob" Nathaniel Hooper
    Wife: Victoria "Vicky" Christine Hooper (nee Sanford)
    -- As the first son, Rob was given his father's middle name to pass on. He met Vicky while serving as a wingman on a double date. They got married at Rob's parents' church.

    Daughter #1: Lana Sophia Maguire (nee Hooper)
    Husband: Donovan "Don" Cole Maguire
    -- Lana was named after her father's mother. Lana met Donovan when she stayed with his family while in Ireland for a student exchange program. They had two weddings - one in the states and one in Ireland.

    Daughter #2: Brooke Mariana Fleming (nee Hooper)
    Husband: Palmer Malone Fleming
    -- Brooke's middle name is in honor of her mother's grandmother. Brooke and Palmer dated for a few months in high school, but didn't rekindle their relationship until they reconnected at a summer party while in college. Palmer's parents paid for a lavish wedding and reception held at their country club.

    Son #2: Miles Hunter Hooper
    Wife: Cecily Elizabeth Hooper (nee Dupont)
    -- Miles was named after his father's love of jazz music. Cecily's parents emigrated from France when she was 6 months old. She and Miles met while at a wine tasting event with their respective friends. They held their wedding reception at a vineyard.

    Son #3: Lewis Rupert Hooper
    Wife: Claudia Naomi Hooper (nee Baumann)
    -- Lewis's name was chosen based on his mother's favorite name (Rupert) and his father's favorite name (Lewis). He and Claudia met at the library that she worked at. They eloped and put the wedding money they received toward purchasing a home.

    Rob and Vicky Hooper
    -- Vicky was in charge of naming the girls, and Rob was in charge of naming the boy. Vicky likes frilly and flowery names, and Rob likes solid male names.
    Daughter #1: Laurel Arabella Hooper
    Son #1: Jordan Graham Hooper
    Daughter #1: Iris Lavinia Hooper

    Don and Lana Maguire
    -- Don and Lana have matching vintage flair to their naming style.
    Son #1 and Daughter #1: Abraham "Abe" Lionel Maguire and Anna "Annie" Violet Maguire
    Daughter #2: Beatrix June Maguire
    Son #2: Tobiah "Toby" Gideon Maguire

    Palmer and Brooke Fleming
    -- Palmer leaves the baby naming to Brooke, who has an eclectic naming style.
    Son #1: Zane Oskar
    Son #2: Ramon Kasper

    Miles and Cecily Hooper
    -- Miles and Cecily wanted to honor Cecily's family's heritage with their first two daughters' name choices. They then adopted a little girl from Russia and decided to make her name a tribute to her own ancestry.
    Daughter #1: Rosalie "Rose" Elizabeth Hooper
    Daughter #2: Lillith "Lily" Alouette Hooper
    Daughter #3: Tatiana "Tia" Anne Hooper

    Lewis and Claudia Hooper
    -- Lewis and Claudia wanted to choose names for their children from literature that they love; Lewis also has a very classic naming style.
    Son #1: Benjamin "Ben" James Hooper
    Daughter #1: Charlotte "Lottie" Amaryllis Hooper
    Son #2 and Son #3: Harrison "Harry" Clay Hooper and Theodore "Teddy" Lane Hooper
    Daughter #2: Leonie Willa Hooper

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    LN: Andreasen

    GF: Quincy Elias
    GM: Florence Rose

    Son #1: Charles Michael
    - His Wife: Theodora Michella
    - Their Children: Dahlia Mirabelle, Wade Graham, Primrose Marigold
    *Chas & Dora,
    Dahlia, Wade & Rose

    Daughter #1: Sophia Mae
    - Her Husband: Wolfgang Louis
    - Their Children: Ada Clementine/Alec Leopold, Roxanne Pearl, Redmond Eve
    *Sophie & Wolf,
    Ada, Alec, Roxy & Red

    Daughter #2: Marguerite Willow
    - Her Husband: Sebastian Bo
    - Their Children: Hunter Taft, Jasper Webb
    *Marge & Bastian,
    Hunter & Jasper

    Son #2: Jackson Rhett
    - His Wife: Caroline Anne
    - Their Children: Valerie Leah, Chloe Alouette, Amelie Louisa
    *Jack & Carol,
    Valerie, Chloe & Amelie

    Son #3: Lachlan Hugh
    -His Wife: Camila Chanel
    -Their Children: Gabriel Philip, Natalie Day, Cyrus Lane/Clayton Beau, Elodie Grace
    *Lachlan & Camila,
    Gabriel, Natalie, Cyrus/Beau & Elodie

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