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    Create a family with my family's initials

    DH: BRH
    DW: NLH
    (Triplet) DD1: LMH
    (Triplet) DD2: SRH
    (Triplet) DD3: EEH
    DS1: HEH
    DS2: BTH

    DD1's family:
    DW: LMH
    DH: EHW
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: SJH-W
    -DH: ESJ
    --DD: OGJ
    DS1: EJH-W
    DS2: SRH-W
    DS3: IDH-W

    DD2's family:
    DW: SRH
    DH: BGT
    DS1: AST
    DS2: RFT

    DD3's family:
    DW: EEH
    DH1: RWC
    DD1: MSC
    DH2: SDO
    DD2: PAO
    DS1: LIO

    DS1's family:
    DH: HEH
    DW: WFA
    DS: PSA

    DS2's family:
    DH: BTH
    DD: JBH (me)

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    DH: Benjamin Robert Hayes
    DW: Noelle Lydia Hayes
    (Triplet) DD1: Lucy Megan Hayes
    (Triplet) DD2: Sadie Rebecca Hayes
    (Triplet) DD3: Emily Elizabeth Hayes
    DS1: Heath Edward Hayes
    DS2: Brandon Thomas Hayes

    DD1's family:
    DW: Lucy Megan Hayes
    DH: Evan Hayden Ward
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Savannah Jane Hayes-Ward
    -DH: Ethan Spencer Judson
    --DD: Olivia Grace Judson
    DS1: Eli James Hayes-Ward
    DS2: Shane Russell Hayes-Ward
    DS3: Ian Declan Hayes-Ward

    DD2's family:
    DW: Sadie Rebecca Hayes
    DH: Brody Garrett Tierney
    DS1: Aidan Seamus Tierney
    DS2: Ronan Finn Tierney

    DD3's family:
    DW: Emily Elizabeth Hayes
    DH1: Ryan William Conway
    DD1: Maya Scarlett Conway
    DH2: Samuel Devin Obert
    DD2: Paige Alexis Obert
    DS1: Landon Isaiah Obert

    DS1's family:
    DH: Heath Edward Hayes
    DW: Willa Faith Atwood
    DS: Parker Stephen Atwood

    DS2's family:
    DH: Brandon Thomas Hayes
    DD: Julia Bethany Hayes (me)

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    South Carolina
    DH: Benjamin Reed Hall
    DW: Naomi Lauren Hall
    (Triplet) DD1: Lucy Maribel Hall
    (Triplet) DD2: Sara Rachel Hall
    (Triplet) DD3: Emily Elizabeth Hall
    DS1: Henry Everett Hall
    DS2: Brian Thomas Hall

    DD1's family:
    DW: Lucy Maribel Hall
    DH: Eric Harvey Welch
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Samantha Jean Hall-Welch
    -DH: Edward Sergio Jarvis
    --DD: Olivia Grace Jarvis
    DS1: Emmett Jacob Hall-Welch
    DS2: Shelton Reed Hall-Welch
    DS3: Isaac Dalton Hall-Welch

    DD2's family:
    DW: Sara Rachel Hall
    DH: Brandon George Tillman
    DS1: Andrew Scott Tillman
    DS2: Robert Francis Tillman

    DD3's family:
    DW: Emily Elizabeth Hall
    DH1: Randall William Carver
    DD1: Miranda Serene Carver
    DH2: Solomon Dale O’Neil
    DD2: Paige Alexandra O’Neil
    DS1: Logan Ian O’Neil

    DS1's family:
    DH: Henry Everett Hall
    DW: Whitney Faith Adams
    DS: Patrick Samuel Adams

    DS2's family:
    DH: Brian Thomas Hall
    DD: June Belle Hall (me)

    YAY! I LOVE THESE TYPES OF GAMES!! Keep ‘em comin’

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    DH: Boone Robert Hendrix
    DW: Naomi Lee Hendrix
    (Triplet) DD1: Linnea Margaret Hendrix
    (Triplet) DD2: Sylvie Rose Hendrix
    (Triplet) DD3: Echo Evangeline Hendrix
    DS1: Huxley Edward Hendrix *Huck*
    DS2: Brock Thomas Hendrix

    DD1's family:
    DW: Linnea Margaret Hendrix
    DH: Emmett Harold Wallace
    (Hyphenated name)
    DD1: Simone Joy Hendrix-Wallace *Simi*
    -DH: Eli Samuel Jordan
    --DD: Ottiline Grace Jordan *Tilly*
    DS1: Elliot James Hendrix-Wallace *Leo*
    DS2: Spencer Robert Hendrix-Wallace
    DS3: Isaac Donald Hendrix-Wallace

    DD2's family:
    DW: Sylvie Rose Hendrix
    DH: Booker George Tulver
    DS1: Aldo Samuel Tulver
    DS2: Rigsby Francis Tulver *Rigs*

    DD3's family:
    DW: Echo Evangeline Hendrix
    DH1: Rhys William Campbell
    DD1: Meara Sylvie Campbell
    DH2: Sawyer David O'Malley
    DD2: Phoebe Alice O'Malley
    DS1: Luca Isidore O'Malley *Luke*

    DS1's family:
    DH: Huxley Edward Hendrix *Huck*
    DW: Willa Faye Anderson
    DS: Penn Steven Anderson

    DS2's family:
    DH: Brock Thomas Hendrix
    DD: Junia Bethany Hendrix (me)
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Jul 2011
    DH: Barnaby Rhys Hamilton
    DW: Niamh Lillian Hamilton
    (Triplet) DD1: Lily Matilda Hamilton
    (Triplet) DD2: Saskia Robyn Hamilton
    (Triplet) DD3: Eve Elspeth Hamilton
    DS1: Henry Edmund Hamilton
    DS2: Benjamin Theodore Hamilton

    Barney and Niamh Hamilton & Lily, Saskia, Eve, Henry and Ben.

    DD1's family:
    DW: Lily Matilda Hamilton
    DH: Edward Harry Watts
    DD1: Sarai Jemima Hamilton-Watts
    -DH: Ethan Samuel Johnson
    --DD: Olive Grace Johnson
    DS1: Ezra Jacob Hamilton-Watts
    DS2: Silas Reuben Hamilton-Watts
    DS3: Isaac Daniel Hamilton-Watts

    Lily and Ed Hamilton-Watts & Sarai, Ezra, Silas and Isaac.
    Sarai and Ethan Johnson & Olive.

    DD2's family:
    DW: Saskia Robyn [Hamilton] Thornbury
    DH: Baxter George Thornbury
    DS1: Abel Sebastian Thornbury
    DS2: Rafferty Fraser Thornbury

    Saskia and Baxter Thornbury & Abel and Rafe.

    DD3's family:
    DW: Eve Elspeth [Hamilton] Oldham
    DH1: Riley William Church
    DD1: Martha Scarlett Church
    DH2: Sean Dashiell Oldham
    DD2: Penelope Alice Oldham
    DS1: Leonard Isaac Oldham

    Eve and Riley Church & Martha.
    Eve and Sean Oldham & Penny and Leo.

    DS1's family:
    DH: Henry Edmund Hamilton
    DW: Willow Francesca Armstrong
    DS: Patrick Stefan Armstrong

    Henry and Willow Amstrong & Patrick.

    DS2's family:
    DH: Benjamin Theodore Hamilton
    DD: Juliet Beatrice Hamilton

    Ben Hamilton & Juliet.
    Arthur, August, Cassius, Ezra, Hector, Henry, Jonah, Theodore, Wilfred, Winston

    Adele, Beatrice, Clara, Eliza, Ivy, Josephine, Matilda, Pearl, Penelope, Rosa

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