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Thread: Hattie???

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    Thankyou all. Im still not in love with this name so back to the drawing board!!
    Already blessed with a daughter Ella Paige and now planning number 2!!
    Current favourites include:
    Girls - Lois, Ava, Genevieve, Sophie, Ines & Alice
    Boys - Luca, Arlo, Evan, Leo, Tomas & Henry
    Combos - Lois Genevieve & Evan Henry

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    My daughter is Hattie Dora. Dora after my gran. We are in England and Dora the Explorer isn't so popular anymore. I think they go well together.

    We decided on Hattie first but her birth certificate says Harriet. We never call her Harriet but we thought it would give her a choice when she got older, although I think it is sn ageless name. I have since noticed a few British and beautiful actresses called Hattie.

    Go for it! Buy her an amazing hat collection. We framed our Hsttie's first hat.

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