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    Middle name for Hattie?

    I know many of you don't like the idea of using nicknames as standalone first names, but just for fun... what would be a good choice for a middle name for Hattie as a first name? So far I can't think of any combination that I LOVE, but one syllable nicknames are sounding the best to me so far, Hattie Grace for example. What do you all think?
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    Oh, I also suddenly love Hattie June.
    My boys: Silas Derrick (5) and Callum Theodore (2). Currently expecting #3, July 2016. It's a boy!

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    Love Hattie!

    Hattie June is great, also love Hattie Jane or Hattie Pearl

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    I love Hattie Jane and Hattie Grace!

    Also really like;
    Hattie Maud and
    Hattie Mae
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    I know it's a little predictable but Hattie Rose is just so cute.

    Hattie Mae sounds adorable too, but I don't really like Mae.

    Hattie Maeve
    Hattie Claire
    Hattie Sue
    Hattie Blair
    Hattie Lou
    Hattie Jane
    Hattie Ruth
    Hattie Fleur
    Hattie Noelle
    Hattie Faye (This is super cute too!)

    You could do something like Hattie Susannah or Hattie Louise, for Hattie Sue or Hattie Lou.
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