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    Help with a sibling name

    Ok so I am back after having my son two months ago. We decided to name him Silas Rowan James. We still want another child but it will be about a year before we try again with IVF. I still have some of the names from my old list but I need some new refreshing ideas. I feel like I have seen the ones on my list a thousand times and want something with more flavor. I need girl and boy ideas please. I would like something that would compliment Silas. Now I know Silas is biblical but I actually don't like biblical names at all. The reason we used the name was because it is in my family history and I liked it before I ever found out it was biblical. So with that said her is my criteria of what I like:

    NOT biblical necessarily
    I like old fashioned but not oldy moldy
    something you have not heard often or lately
    preferably nothing in the top 100 for last year
    Irish/scottish heritage
    Native American heritage
    Old english names

    Same as boys
    ancient names
    unique yet sophisticated

    And go.... Hopefully you ladies can come up with some really good ones. Please try hard I am hard to please. LOL.

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    Girls- Winter, Eden, Colette, River, Charlotte.
    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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