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Thread: Kaedence Lynn

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    Kaedence Lynn

    Kaedence is the Celtic spelling of Cadence, which means rhythm/rhythmic or to march.

    Our daughter, Kaedence Lynn was born in October 2012. I've had that name picked out for 25 years, but kept it secret because I was worried about negative opinions. So far everyone has loved the name!

    Other variants are Cadence, Caedence, Caydence, Caidence, Kadence, Kaydence, Kaidence, Kaedence

    Nameberry doesn't seem to have that spelling on their website, is there anyway to have them add it??
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    There is a thread called "What have we missed?" (not sure where it is though - sorry) upon which you can add the name you want added to the database, and P@m and Lind@ will add it as soon as they have enough information/time. Hope this helps a bit!

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    I think if we write Pam's name here she might check up on this thread. You could also send her an email. Congratulations on your little Kaedence Lynn! Her name has a very pretty sound to it. You forgot to mention the Italian variant of the name that happens to be my personal favorite variant: Cadenza. It's so fun to say aloud!

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    Thank you both so much for the help. I'm new to this website, so I very much appreciate it! & I agree, it is fun to say lol

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    I don't know where you got your information but you have been very badly informed, I'm sorry.

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