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    Sister for Atticus and Maeve?

    Hey y'all need help finding a girl name we love and that go with Atticus Theodore and Maeve Eleanor. The only name we both like is Mabel...but we don't love it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks

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    Hmm, Mabel is too close to Maeve for my taste since they share the same first sound. I like Orla from above. Also...

    Atticus, Maeve & Phoebe
    Atticus, Maeve & Daphne
    Atticus, Maeve & Willa
    Atticus, Maeve & Sylvie
    Atticus, Maeve & Eliza
    Atticus, Maeve & Laurel
    Atticus, Maeve & Lucille or Lucia
    Atticus, Maeve & Millie
    Atticus, Maeve & Adele
    Atticus, Maeve & Bryony
    Atticus, Maeve & Iona
    Atticus, Maeve & Jessamy
    Atticus, Maeve & Imogen
    Atticus, Maeve, & Celia
    Atticus, Maeve & Flora
    Atticus, Maeve, & Tessa

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    Thank you guys. I really like Orla and Willa but my husband turned then down:-( I don't know what he wants, I don't know what we want. We loved the name Elizabeth but found out it had been used by his cousin. I also like Hollis, Josephine, Genevieve, Violet, Matilda and Cadence. Cadence besides Mabel is the only other name liked. What do you guys think about Cadence?

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