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  • Jane Frances

    28 29.17%
  • Jane Cecily

    19 19.79%
  • Jane Harriet

    8 8.33%
  • Jane Hilary

    2 2.08%
  • Jane Felicity

    39 40.63%
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    Jane's Middle Name - Please Vote!

    We've settled on Jane and can't decide on a middle. Please vote or feel free to leave a suggestion. Thanks!

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    I like Jane Frances the best, followed by Jane Felicity. Jane Frances sounds so strong and regal to me, she could be the CEO of a big company or president of the USA. Jane Francesca might be a more lighthearted-yest-strong alternative. Jane Felicity is more fun, she is an artsy, creative interior designer. A similar name could be Jane Amity, definitely fun and girly, but still can be taken seriously.
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    I might think Jane Cecily is perfection! Sweet, feminine, and fav type of name.

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    I like these three combos the best.

    Jane Felicity
    Jane Cecily
    Jane Frances
    All the best,

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    I like Jane Felicity and Jane Cecily. I think Jane needs a bubbly mn to balance out its slight severeness.
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