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    Opinions on my name choice?!

    Hello! I am currently throwing around the name Maille. (May-lee) The reason I like this name is because it is Irish in my name book. However, I really think that people will always be confused on how to pronounce the name if I leave the spelling as it is. So I thought spelling it Mailey would make it easier. The only problem is if I search the name under that spelling, it is no longer Irish but Hawaiian with a completely different meaning. I would like some advice from some of you, I'm not sure if I'm thinking too much into it! Thank you

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    I have seen this name but spelt maelie.. i quick like it actually it stands out and its unique and that lil buit unusual.. I had to look twice as i thought it was marnie or marlie but it wasnt and i was like woah i actually like this name..

    I think teaming it up with a mn liek grace/hope/faith also gives it a greater umph!! and i loves it ! xx
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    I'm pretty stern on keeping with traditional spellings. Mailey looks made up to me. I think more people will mistake it for Miley more than anything else really.
    I wouldn't stray from the original if I were you. The Irish meaning is lovely.
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    I agree with stephanie413: keep the name you love with the traditional spelling! Gives it a richer history.

    GORGEOUS choice, by the way!

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    Like pp I've seen Maelie before too which is more appealing than Mailey.

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