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    The Amelia Bedelia books are great, though Amelia Bedelia herself is kind of a bumbling idiot. A well loved bumbling idiot, but still. She is this rich lady's maid and she always does things in a spectacularly wrong way (example: when asked to make a sponge cake, she cuts up sponges and puts them in the cake batter) and the rich lady throws her hands up and says, "oh, Amelia Bedelia!"

    I love:

    I think Elspeth is actually very pretty and usable.

    I love Bernadette! I know a brand new baby named J@da Bernadette and I just adore that. I have a serious weakness for feminine versions of masculine names- like Paulette and Jamesina, stuff like that. The less naturally the name translates into a feminine form, the more I seem to like it.

    I don't have any boy names like this. Or rather, I probably like boy names that others would think of as hideously enchanting, but I don't recognize them as such.

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    I'm surprised to hear Bedelia is a real name. I've heard of the books and just thought it was the same idea as someone saying something like Hannah-Banna-Bo-Banna or Margot Escargot. Very interesting!

    Elspeth isn't that unusual to me, maybe because I've known a couple. People always got them to clarify their names, thinking they were saying Elizabeth with a bit of a lisp, which must have gotten annoying. I recently saw it spelled Elsbeth (character on TV's The Good Wife). Haven't seen that spelling before.

    Ok, those are my random thoughts. My guilty pleasure, some-might-consider-ugly (if they're not particularly open-minded or sophisticated), favourite names are Agnes, Agatha, Astrid, Leonie, Harriet, Ingrid and Gretchen. Maybe not as rare as yours. I need to search farther afield!

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    Well, if you think about it for a bit... what is wrong with 'bed'? It's our solace, our place to rest when the world has exhausted us, the place where we dream - literally are flooded with the fantastical and poetic images of our psyches, the place we (at least, most of us) are intimate with our beloved mates, and where many mothers nurse and snuggle with their children. If a bed signifies anything, it is physical comfort, familial bonds, and the inward journey of dreams.

    I think for me, it's the name Desdemona. Do I even need to explain why? So sad, really. It could be such a great grand name in modern usage... but I doubt it will ever get its fair shot.
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    Iolanthe- went to the Gilbert and Sullivan production with my father and have been in love ever since!
    Adair- my mum despises this one, but oh well

    Edwin- my late grandfather's name
    Sullivan- see Gilbert and Sullivan note for girls
    Hector/Hektor- ever since I read the Iliad, I've been in love with Hector
    Ransom- another that my mum absolutely hates
    Reuven- The Chosen!

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    I adore the funky/clunky names! I'm loving Elspeth, Morgana and Aracely!

    One of my favorites is Rowena.
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
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