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    Bedelia is lovely. Hate Cordelia but I've always liked Bedelia
    I'm a Law & Order junkie and there was once a character named Fidelia. Such a gorgeous name
    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    Bedelia makes me think of the Amelia Bedelia books I read as a kid - I actually think it is a fun twist on Amelia, Cordelia, or similar names.
    I forgot how much I loved those books. I wondered why I liked Bedelia since it's not my style at all

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    In case you didn't see my signature already, look at my girl names. To many people they are hideous, but I LOVE them. They have an heir about them that is just so enchanting and whimsical.

    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Bedelia is super cute! You're asking for names we love that are ugly to most? I've got a few...



    (That's it for my "universally unappealing" but beloved boys' names. Most of my boy names are appealing to even non-name-enthusiasts.)

    Girls, though? Whew, here goes my list of names that everyone else tends to dislike, with an asterisk by the ones I would actually use:

    Jerusha* (in my top ten favorites!)
    Beeley* (not in my top ten, but close)
    Gelleia: (jel-AY-uh?)
    Love these. Especially Elsabee.

    Quote Originally Posted by alyssa897 View Post
    None of these are very hideous, maybe except for Morgana. It still has a sense of dark sensuality, especially if you think about Morrigan from Capcom.

    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post

    Also, I think if you absolutely love Elspeth, go for it. Even though it doesn't appeal to me personally, If I met someone named that, I would think "wow, that is a cool and original name!"
    I LOVE Elspeth. Its so cool and I could either picture a dark villainess or a celestial being. Plus it has a very wearable nickname of Elsie or Ellie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alyssa897 View Post

    Wow I love Aracely, never heard it before.

    As for my own list, it's pretty tame. The only ones I have are Edric for boys and Perrine for girls.
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Abigail, Ginny, Edith, Lydia, Rebecca, Miriam
    Briar, Tobiah, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Nolan

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelliedellie View Post
    Wow I love Aracely, never heard it before.

    As for my own list, it's pretty tame. The only ones I have are Edric for boys and Perrine for girls.
    I came across it a few years ago on a naming site and fell in love! I love the combo Aracely Natalia. Been on my old list for a long time.

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    @moonkai - Thank you for the Bedelia love - I had never heard of those books before: are they very well-known? It's good that they are well-liked though, and not about a horrible girl called Bedelia (and thank you for the comment about Elspeth - at least you wouldn't say how much you hated it (which my sister definitely would and has, but then I'm honest with her about her names too...) - thank you!

    @rulu3228 - Woo, unusual name lover! Although I am not very adventurous on what I would actually call my children, I do have a very long list of guilty pleasure I like to think I have at least slightly unusual taste Thank you!

    @alyssa897 - Thank you for the suggestions - Margaery in particular is a name I hadn't seen before and it's really interesting - is it pronounced like Marjorie? Also, I'm surprised that Persephone and Seraphina haven't got a very good reaction to people you mention it to, especially on this site, although if you talked about them with people in real life, I understand more - it seems they are Nameberry favourites, along with Violet and Maeve! (Also, thank you so much for that link - I absolutely LOVED most of the names on there, and my list is definitely growing fast...) Thank you again.

    @alzora - It's lovely to hear that your boys; names at least are accepted by most non-name-nerds, even if such treasures as Ebenezer aren't (I wish I had the guts to carry off an Ebenezer!) And the girls' names are lovely too - Cilla, Galiena, Mab, Merial and Renilla really stood out as being particularly lovely: I'm going to have to look some of these up. Also, all my best wishes are with you and your husband for a problem-free pregnancy soon (I hope I don't sound like a stalker - to cut a long story short, one of the TTC pages came up on the search and I clicked on it) Good luck with everything and thank you very much.

    @nat108 - I love Fidelia as well - it's something about that -delia ending, although surprisingly like you, I don't like Cordelia nearly as much (funny fact: I was almost a Cordelia, but my father put his foot down) Thank you very much for commenting, and again I'm glad the books are positive ones (I really must google them!)

    @liviajoan - Your signature names are beautiful - Ione and Aurelia especially have such a magical air. And YES! I knew there must be another Elspeth lover somewhere on Nameberry, lurking in the shadows - the nicknames are SO wearable and I agree that I can imagine an Elspeth at any stage in life, in any occupation (dark villainess and celestial being obviously included ) Thank you!

    @nelliedellie - I have Edric on my boys' list too! I just love everything about it, but my sister (again) has made her view perfectly well known. I might have to invest in some earplugs... Thank you anyway!

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