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Thread: Adoptive Names

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    Adoptive Names

    We are an adoptive family and a multiracial family. We have an AA boy and girl and are needing to change their names for safety. I want names that will fit in our family and also with their broader culture. We already have a son named Josiah.

    I really like Malachi for the boy and we originally thought Moriah for the girl, but Evie has just been thrown into the mix as something similar to her birth name. Anyone have any thoughts on these?
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    How old are the children? Old enough to have any thoughts on the matter?

    Could you explain what you mean by "saftety?"
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    They are both under 18 months. The girl is just beginning to talk so that is why we thought about the similar name. And there have just been some situations with their birth family and have been advised by the judge to change their names--we will be keeping their birth names as their middle name.

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    Moriah and Josiah are too close for my taste. Eve or Evelyn nn Evie would be pretty and a good choice if it is close to her name. Josiah, Malachi, and Eve would be a smashing Biblical sibset.

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    How about Micah? And Jemma?

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