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    New- introduction + suggestions?

    Hi everybody! I'm Jeanne, I just found this website tonight and was so excited. I've been looking for a naming site like this. From what I've seen you're all pretty helpful and have such varied tastes in names that I'm sure to hear something that I haven't thought of yet.

    I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant with my second child now; my son is almost three and is named Isaac Antonio; the last name rhymes with vogue. I have not been able to find out the gender yet and it is quite frustrating because I have no concrete ideas for either gender. Isaac was going to be Nina if he was a girl and their was talk of it being short for Antonina but I am not feeling either name this time around.
    I have played with a few names but my husband has yet to decide he likes any of them
    Jane - too close to my name?
    Eira - just discovered this today, have yet to as my husband but I'm worried that it sounds too much like the boys name Ira plus it's another long I name
    Una- too wierd?

    Orlando - too odd next to to a brother named Isaac

    Like I said, none of these are quite right; what else should I consider?

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