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    I think I'm changing my mind on the triplets

    I had previously liked Scarlett, Eden, and Tobias nn Toby for triplets... but now I'm not sure...

    new ideas:

    Heidi, Elodie, and Toby
    Abbigail "Abbie" Grace, Charlotte, and Toby
    Elaina "Lainie", Gracelin, and Toby
    Scarlett, Eden, and Toby
    Clarissa "Clara", Eden, and Toby

    So clearly, I'm pretty sure about the Toby part, although I also like Carter James, Hudson Alexander, Ryder Michael, and Cade Bennett. I have no clue on middle names for most of these yet, so middle suggestions would be great along with opinions on these sets!

    Notes: I do not like Lottie as a nn for Charlotte. If I choose Abbigail, it will definitely be that spelling. I will pronounce Clara CLAIR-A.
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    I like your initial combo.

    Heidi, Elodie and Toby don't suit each well (imo)
    Abbigail just looks wrong in my eyes and Charlotte is kinda boring compared to Scarlett or Eden.
    Elaina and Gracelin again don't really fit each other

    Clarissa is OK, but why not just use Clara then?

    Clara, Eden & Toby is a great match!

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    I like Scarlett, Eden, and Toby or Abbigail, Charlotte, and Toby
    Good luck!!

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    Abigail (this spelling), Charlotte and Tobias would be my first choice for triplets. Coming in a distant second would be Scarlett, Eden and Tobias.
    All the best,

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    Charlotte, Elodie and Tobias. I don't like just Toby. I think he needs a name that will grow with him.
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