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    It depends. I would prefer to just have two but if I have two boys or two girls then I would probably try for one of the opposite sex. No more than three, though.

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    I'm not sure. I'm one of five, hubby one of 4. So far we have 5, he wants 1 more, I want 2. We will have to see what life gives us.

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    I'm one of two, only 1.5 years younger than my big brother and it's perfect - one parent each!!

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    I'm one of two (my brother is 18 months younger), and I always wish there was one more of us! I always dreamed of having a sister, but I must admit one brother is plenty. One burping, farting boy is plenty.
    I hope to someday have 3 daughters or 1 boy and two girls.

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    One of my mom's brothers had five kids (well his wife did at least ).
    They wanted four the last two were twins. I asked them a few years ago (all separately) if anyone ever felt left out.
    They all said no. One of the two boys said the twins had a closer relationship to one another but it never bothered anyone and he always goes through phases of preference but then end up getting in a fight with someone and just started hanging out with someone else instead. Now they all live in different cities and when they get together everyone else feels left out. On the other hand my SO is one of two and try as he might he and his older sister just aren't close, and I'd probably call them warmly civil. She won't come to our house for dinner unless someone else is coming as well and basically ignores him (and me) at most family functions. I have no real siblings and my god mothers son and I fight like we should be and as soon as someone points out we are fighting or arguing we completely deny it and are the best of friends, we've always been this way, neither of us has ever really been lonely. So I don't think even or odd is necessarily a need for concern.
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