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    I would like to have even. I came from a maternal sibling group of three. I am the youngest, and my two older sister are close in age. Most of the time I felt left out and still pretty much consider myself a loner. The eldest, has other siblings, but she mostly identify with her maternal siblings and her best friend (who is practically her other sibling). As the "baby", I would have liked to be closer in age, but my mom had a rough time just trying to get me. I asked her why she didn't try for another child that would be around the same age as me, and she just said it was difficult.

    I am also the youngest (exactly 13 years apart) in my paternal sibling group, but my brother and I hardly converse, so it's whatever...

    Anyways, if I could only have odd amount children, I would like to have them close in age.

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    I think that even is more practical.

    Such as:
    two for one deals
    European trains seat 6 people
    rides are often for 2 or 4 people
    easier to divide things evenly: food
    even food typically comes in even numbers like meat

    In the surrounding world, almost everything is even.

    2 or 4 kids seems most practical in the world we live in.

    Also, the youngest may be left out if the middle child is closer in age to the oldest. (Obviously this fits only for 3). Also, if the oldest is a singleton and the younger two are twins, then the oldest will probably feel left out. Althought this could also occur with one single and triplets. So it could also happen with even kids, but not at commonly.

    5 or more odd, may be different.
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    Definitely even, I decided that when I was around 11.

    I'm the eldest of three, only girl, not to mention six and nine years older than my brothers. I was always the odd one out, and it sucked. It still sucks. Only now my brother's hitting the age where we can relate more and enjoy one-on-one time with each other. Now my youngest brother, who is 10, is beginning to feel more left out. It sucks.

    Even numbers make things nice and neat, there's always someone for someone. Two is too little, imo, 4 is the perfect number.
    I would love to have four kids.

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    Interesting question. I grew up as the eldest of two children and always thought two wasn't enough. For that reason, my husband and I plan on having three children (maybe four). I've never really thought about which is better - even or odd. We'll reconsider after our third child. But I'm not sure that the fact that pizzas are cut into eight slices will be enough to convince me to have a fourth baby!
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    I'm expecting my fourth and it just feels more complete. I wish I could have conceived a little earlier as the first 3 are so close and this baby will be 3 years younger than the youngest, so I'm afraid it'll feel left out. but I'm sure once it's older it will all balance out. I like the symmetry and the practical side of sharing, ect that the PPs mentioned.
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