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    Even or odd amount of kids?

    Does it matter to you if the amount of children you have is an even or odd number? Is either one easier/more organised/more fair than the other?
    What is your experience with this?
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    I'm one of four girls, and I thought it was perfect. It was nice to have even teams when we argued. Honestly I don't think there are any significant reasons why even or odd would be better, but symmetrical things are always nice and organized. Makes for nice-looking family photos. An even number of kids will fit nicely into bunk beds, and there is always a sibling to sit beside each one on amusement park rides. Also, most packaged foods come boxed in even numbers (such as number of Tasty Cakes in a box, etc) and are easily divided up among an even number of kids. Pizzas are cut into an even number of slices. Even-numbered families make fairness nice and easy.
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    I like the aspect of even's. No one is left out, someone always has a 'buddy'. I am growing up an only child so I don't exactly know the feeling of being left out, or included, in sibling affairs. Though I do have two best friends, and being a group of 3 is hard because mostly always one of us feels left out.
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    For the reasons alzora mentioned I would say even might be more organized and less likely to leave a kid out but not a reason to base a family on that. I have 2 older brothers who are close in age to each other and farther from me. In my case, the fact that there was an odd number of us never really came into play as much as ages and genders.

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    Being 1 of 2 and the oldest, I hated it. The youngest gets away with everything and I always go the "you're older, you should know better" spiel all through my life and even now that I'm married, my parents still like to throw it in my face. Sure I'm older, but that doesn't give my sister the right to act like a complete idiot, we're not even 2 years apart! (this could all just be bad parenting, but it's why I prefer just to have 1)

    I think the only way to be fair is just to have 1 or twins. Twins are the same age so you can't use the whole "you're older" argument when you want to stop a fight or pick a side.

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