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    2 Middle Names for Girls - What's the scoop?

    I have, up until this point, been a stickler for just one middle name. I think I still prefer it, but I recently opened the floodgates to the possibility of middles. I decided it might be a good way to infuse my combos with more style. The only issue?

    I have no idea what I'm doing. I have heard that the British trend of 2 middles isn't so much focused on flow, but I can't get over a combo that doesn't sound nice, you know? So I started going down my list of combos with just one middle name and tried to add a complimentary second middle. Here's what I got so far:

    Amaryllis Jade Margaux
    Anastasia Skyler Eve
    Annabella Rhys Caroline
    Arcadia Brynn Juliet
    Bellamy June Violet
    Brynn Elizabeth Hadley (I really liked this one...)

    What do you think? I'll list some of the ones I'm stumped on. I'd love some advice and/or suggestions on adding second middles. What's the trick?

    My tricky combos:

    Calla Francesca
    Caroline Viva
    Clover Marguerite

    (There's more, but I don't want to overwhelm you.)

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    I never understood why some people are so against two middle names. If you can find one that sounds really great then why not use it? Especially if you love a lot of names. I know when I start having kids it's going to be agony eliminating some! That being said, I like your combos so far. Brynn Elizabeth Hadley is definitely my favorite.

    I don't think there's a particular formula for finding the perfect 3 name combo, you will just have to go through a lot of trial and error. Although I find if you vary the syllables in the names and don't repeat any specific sounds such as -ley, -belle, etc. you will have more success.

    BTW I love Clover! It's one of my favorite GP names.

    I suggest switching Marguerite and Francesca.
    Some suggestions (I don't know if these are your style, I just think these sound nice):
    Calla Marguerite Eleanor
    Caroline Viva Juliet
    Clover Juliet Francesca

    I'm sorry that's all I can come up with. Two middle names is hard work!
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    I really like Brynn Hadley Elizabeth, and in that order only so a surname-y middle (Hadley) doesn't run with the actual surname (Brynn Elizabeth Hadley Smith vs. Brynn Hadley Elizabeth Smith).

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    Amaryllis Viva Francesca
    Caroline Juliet Rhys (flows best if you stress it JU-lee-et rather than ju-lee-ET. Which way do you say it?)
    Calla Margaux Anastasia
    Anastasia Hadley June
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    I think the reason you like Brynn Elizabeth Hadley so much (besides how pretty all three names are) is the fact that the flow is 1 -4 -2, which is the most ideal flow (syllable wise) out there. As long as you are mixing the number of syllables, the flow is typically nicer. For instance, a 2 -2 -2, such as Margaux Calla Clover, isn't going to be as nice as Margaux Calista Clove (2 - 3- 1).

    I hope this helps, you have some beautiful names to pick from!
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